According to many, “South by Southwest known as SXSW is the biggest tech conference all across the world that occurs every March. More than 32,000 professionals will attend this mega event in Austin, Texas from March 7 16, 2014. SXSW has a lot of value and it’s a fabulous place to meet with all kinds of people. We, at DevBatch, have compiled a list of top 10 travel and mobile apps tips for SXSW 2014 which you should focus on to make the most out of this event.

1) Book your hotel room ASAP!

Normally, all the hotels nearby SXSW are completely booked by December. So, the best thing to do is to book your hotel room the same day SXSW registrations open. If you have not booked your room yet then its better to contact the housing body of the SXSW. They might have a rescue plan for all the late registrants.

2) Always stay at Walking Distance!

It’s always better to get a room within the walking distance of SXSW. The bad news is that there are only very few cabs available in the Austin and it seems possible that how they will manage to serve 32,000+ attendees of the conference. So, If you can, then avoid cabs too and better rent a car for your whole stay.

3) Must Have Mobile Apps!

Mostly people attend these type of events for learning and networking purposes. So if you are there for the same, then better install the official app of SXSW named as “SXSW GO. It helps you to keep track of all the panels you intent to attend. Moreover, you can favourite the important events and also share your lists with other attendees of the conference. Being techie, I assume that you have other apps installed on your smartphone already which will come quite handy during the event such as Google Calendar, Google Maps, Foursquare, Flickr etc.

4) Don’t forget to bring your phone charger!

At SXSW, attendees spend a lot of time in making plans with people, navigating Google Maps, and sharing plans using their phone. Chances are that your phone battery will be drained quickly. So, it is advised to bring the charger along to avoid any bad luck.

5) Events in Austin Convention Center are best ones!

Usually, attendees are overwhelmed by the number of panels. SXSW website has an amazing feature of sorting events by location. You better go to their website and see which events are being held in Austin Convention Center. They are usually best ones. So, save your energy and time, and attend only those.

6) The Other side of SXSW!

This is hilarious but true. Many people who went to Austin, they do not even bother to spend money to buy expansive badges of the conference. Instead, they extract more value from the SXSW by meeting the new friends outside the convention center usually in bars.

7) Networking is the King!

Similarly, if you are there for networking then don’t waste all your valuable time in listening to the experts. SXSW is an incredible opportunity to meet notable people in tech from all over the world.

8) Do not ruin your visit by attending every event!

A normal person can not attend everything SXSW has to offer, so don’t even try to be abnormal. Generally, it is advised to attend only two to three of your most favourite events. Keep your time free for the parties, friendly meet-ups, networking stuff etc.

9) You are on business trip, not for open bars!

Always remember that don’t get too excited about open bars. It’s good to visit them but just to pace yourself and stay hydrated so you have enough energy to last the week. Don’t loose the focus! ????

10) Remember! Cabs are limited!

Alarming but true! Leave at least three hours before your flight home. We all know that cabs are limited, only hundreds of them. So, you better hurry up and leave on time. Usually, people leave 1-2 hours before the flight and miss their flights due to unavailability of cabs mostly. It is advised to book your cab before time and leave 3 hours before flight at least.

In the nutshell, SXSW is an incredible event and Austin is one hell of a place for visitors. Don’t miss out the BBQ, legendary live music, burgeoning restaurant scene and unique culture.

Just like we provided live coverage of Mobile World Congress last week, DevBatch will provide the live coverage of this conference as well. If you want to know all the great news at SXSW before it goes viral, then join us today at Twitter.

Last but not the least, the official hashtags for the event is #SXSW. Do not forget to mention @devbatch and #SXSW in all your tweets!!

Enjoy your event! ????