Everyone’s got a website. You have a website. I have a website. She, he, they, everybody’s got a website. But, do you have a mobile friendly website? That’s the important question now. It will soon become the determining factor for the ranking of your website on Google. Those with a mobile friendly website will be ranked first and higher, while those with a website that is not mobile-friendly will come afterwards on the ranking scale. This is definitely something to ponder over in the next 19 days on the 21st April 2015! This is because you only have 19 days till whatChuck Price from Search Engine Watchcalls the “Mobilegeddon’.

In apost on Google’s Webmaster Central Blogfrom 26th Feb 2015, it was found that Google will officially change their algorithm and start ranking mobile friendly websites first and better than those that are not, in fact, mobile friendly. This would show the more mobile friendly websites to users, visitors, and customers, basically, anyone who wants to visit your website. There is a benefit of this to some, while others’ websites could be in mortal peril, bringing a downfall to their enterprise by not showing their website first in the Google search results.

This is really good news for those of you out there who ensured mobile-friendliness of their website during its development phase. While their website may be new and probably of lesser publicity and ranking originally, Google’s new initiative could boost their rank and ratings considerably.

However, some websites, and consequentially, website owners, especially internet-based enterprises could go into mortal danger. By not showing up on the first two or three pages, maximum, customers and website visitors would not make more of an effort to specifically look for your website through the search results on Google for products and services available elsewhere on mobile friendly websites.

Fortunately, there is a webmaster tool that can help determine which parts and buttons or such need improvements and which issues are of greater importance at the moment, considering the 19-day limit before the initiative is acted upon by Google. You can use theW3C mobileOK Checker Validatorto see if your website is mobile friendly or not. It gives a detailed and hierarchal report of your website with a score too!

How The W3C mobileOK Checker Validator Works

How the mobile friendliness checker works is that it has five sections.

  1. The result. It is color coded along with a percentage for friendliness. The higher it is and closer to green, the better. If its lower and closer to red, you are definitely in the danger zone.
  2. Page size report comes next; it’s best to keep your website’s pages’ sizes as small as possible.
  3. The network usage needed to load the website on any platform. It shows how many documents, stylesheets, and images are used on the website and need loading.
  4. A detailed report is then given, ranking everything according to severity or category of failures in friendliness with mobile phones.
  5. The last section is a source listing of the website’s particular page that you check for mobile friendliness.

There are 4 levels of severity of failures, by which the aforementioned mobile friendliness checker ranks your website and what needs to be fixed and/or improved. The categorical report given will show you which problem is related to graphics of the website while which other problem falls under the web standard group.

How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

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