So our much loved time of the year is arriving where our friends, families, sweets, chocolates and bunnies come together for merriment!

The conception of Easter is significantly the rise of a new beginning and an opportunity to be born again! This is the right time for engaging the customers to look into something they haven’t already done so far.

The Easter event encourages businesses to showcase a more inventive facet.

So to make it easier I’ve compiled a list of the4 most effective digital marketing Ideas small businessesshould employ this Easter. These superb marketing campaigns incorporate outstanding integrations with social media activities and provide the best possible chances for small businesses to display their creativity.

Easter e-greeting Cards

Greeting cards are undoubtedly a great way to engage your customers on a more personal level.

As an alternative to the traditional expensive printing, consider making the most out of customized e-greeting cards. By doing this not only are you making the customers feel special but also encouraging them to do business with you.

Wish your customers “happy Easter “and acknowledge them for their contributions so far. While doing that, don’t let the opportunity of boosting sales fly away.

What kind of e-cards should you make?

Design greeting cards that match your brand’s identity and present combined Easter values shared by your clienteles.

Adding a personal e-greeting note on the card ought to do the trick as it makes your customers feel great. Write a couple of customized notes if you can.

Now, this is a Must!

Money can’t buy happiness but it surely can get you some new customers. Include an Easter special discount for customers when they plan to order from you during this festive season.

Time & Tide Wait for None.

Accurately schedule your e-greeting cards to be sent out at the right time to make sure your customers see it; doing this would also motivate them to take benefit of your offer.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Another cost-effective way to land more customers on your business this Easter is by running an email marketing campaign to advertise your products and services. You may send emails using an existing database or purchase an email list comprising of those individuals who fit your targeted demographics.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Determine the goal of your email marketing campaign.
  • Make an action plan for customers follow-up.
  • Design an engaging email ad that motivates your customers.
  • Don’t forget to use attention-grabbing images, large fonts in the headlines, readable texts and a lot of white spaces.
  • Create the need for your products or services by listing their benefits.
  • Develop an influentialCall to Actionbutton to encourage response.
  • Again! Don’t forget to put in a limited time- offer/discount for Easter.

Social Media Contests

Nearly 90 % of your customers are hanging around at social media especially onFacebook,Instagram&twitter try engaging them in awarding activities.

Here are a couple a Facebook contest ideas you can use, thank us later by the way.

Get customers to “like’ your page by offering them value and also encouraging them to bring in additional entries through a well-defined referral program.

Photo Contest:Encourage customers to submit their photos to win a prize. The possibilities with this method are endless; you may also customize it as per your targeted audience.

Naming Contest: We all live in a world where our votes decide our governance; why not give your customers the same option for naming your new service or product? The best thing about this strategy is that your “talking about will increase giving you the edge in terms of your social media marketing practices.

Question: So what will you get in return?

Answer:A truckload of fantastic ideas, a massive audience talking about you and yes!Business $$$$.

What would make your social media contests more fruitful?

The prize that you offer should be attractive and of real value. The key to success here is making the prize worthwhile to encourage a greater number of responses.

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Content Marketing

As we all know that “Content is king “, so it’s important that you create the best pieces to target at your key audiences.

Give them what they need, give them the type of content they are looking for!

Here are some tips to create eye-popping content:

  • Not everybody has the time to read a 2000 words post, so it’s good to add visual elements (images/Infographics/ Videos/Stats) to your content.
  • Market the created template on all platforms to juice out more results.
  • Never forget to add in some SEO constituents.

Now that we all have learned what’s good and is of great value for small businesses to make the most out of the season, so it is important to choose the best option when integrating with the digital world. If you finddigital marketinga hard nut to crack then consider hiring us to develop and implement a result driven marketing strategy specifically tailored for your business.

If you have more to share, feel free tocontact usor leave your comments in the section below.

Devbatch wishes you a very Happy Easter!