Social media is probably one of the fastest means of communication, entertainment, information, infotainment, everything. Lately, it seems to be as if almost everyone has started relying on the social media for communication, whether as an advertisement, personal communication and socializing or even for business purposes. Any event taking place on the other side of the planet can be known in less than a minute after being officialized on any social website or application to all those concerned. So, why not use this same means of communication for business intentions, too? Why not use the social media to gain popularity for your business? Why not use the available method for not an only advertisement but also marketing your businesses?

This article has two purposes. It will not only help you on how to use social media for business and marketing your goods and services but how to takeproperuse of social media for successful marketing. We will not only review the techniques and methodologies of using social media for marketing purposes, we will also address thereasonsorbenefitsof adopting these modi operandorum. It will be about the proper how’s and why’s of taking full use of social networks to gain the most you possibly can as a business from them.

PART I Successful Techniques of Using Social Media for Business:

Choose The Correct Social Site

Most of the population uses either Facebook or Twitter for the purposes of socializing. It can seem awfully tempting to join either of these two platforms, but it may not be the best idea. What you want to choose is the placeyourtarget market uses the most. You don’t want to end up putting your content some place your customers don’t even look. You may have to conduct a research on the most used and visited social sites used by your target market before finalizing your decision. While Facebook may be the one on top of the list, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr have the highest growth rates.

Schematize Your Content Posting

The amount your company posts on a regular basis must be schematized. The thing you must avoid is over sugar-coating in your posts. You must keep it concise, to the point and with good quality pictures, perhaps, too. Make sure you post every time the company brings out a new product/service and add a picture to the post, if possible. Post every little thing happening in the company the customers like to know what’s happening in their choice of brands. At the same time, though, don’t post irrelevant material, either. It just puts the customers off and discourages them from regularly visiting your blog, page, whichever you choose.

More Listening, Less Talking

You don’t want to end up just adding content to the site you use as your social marketer while not taking the time to listen to what your customers have to say. You will learn a lot from what they may say on the social site on your page. You could end up finding out that a product has either gone viral or maybe even is so unpopular that the customers know nothing about it. You want to listen to their comments about the services you’re providing to them. Maybe someone loved your services, while another argues that it was horrible. Taking out time to read the comments and posts you receive might help you improve your business and marketing strategies.

Keep It Fresh

Now, it is extremely important to build a good following and making sure you get the customers and not someone else. However, you must also keep your products/services fresh. You must maintain a renewed look and catalog to keep them listening and interested. No audience likes a show with repetition. It starts to get old quickly. You want to keep them on their toes, with new arrivals and deals springing up when it starts to become boring.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Many expect that once their social site profile/page is up and running, they will soon get recognized and have he following at the next crack of dawn. Unfortunately, starting a social profile is a lot like being a startup company in itself. You have to wait patiently for the crowd to start trickling onto the profile. You can’t possibly build an audience overnight. You will have to wait a while before you start getting discovered online.

Class Over Crowd

Class over the crowd, in other words, quality over quantity, is better than the vice versa any day. You don’t want to end up building a considerably large following which isn’t really loyal to your company and doesn’t really increase your profit at all. You want to build an audience, supporters, followers, for your company who will actually even voluntarily advertise your brand by talking friends and family into becoming your customers too. You want a quality crowd which cares and is loyal rather than a large audience which isn’t really listening to what you have to say. So, it is okay if your social following is small. It should just be devoted and dedicated to your company.

Mutual Benefit Content

Maybe not too often, but you may want to advertise for other brands too. Advertise them, talk about other brands, whether competitor or not. They might end up making deals with your company, at the most. The least they could do is not bother returning the favor ( a rarity). Your actions could persuade them to talk about your products and services too, in return, helping build each other’s following using your own and their customers online.

PART II Benefits of Social Media for Business:

Increase Brand Awareness

About 75% of all educated population uses social media. You want to be where the customers are and make yourself visible to them more effortlessly.

Legitimize Your Business

If a customer wants to know a little about a brand they want to use, a business they want to associate with, they normally check the social networks for details. They will go online, look you up, and read up on the basics. They do this to know whether they should bother or not, whether it would be worth their efforts and time.

Increase Sales Using E-Commerce Base

You could connect a retailer to the social network profile(s) you make for the company. This way, your need of e-commerce will be fulfilled and your profits could start increasing gradually, too.Social media marketingfor small business establishments happens to become a huge success.

Improve Customer Service

Most customers now prefer online shopping over actually leaving the house. A lot of the population prefers their goods delivered at their doorstep. While, if you’re a service provider, your services may not be deliverable on the doorstep, you will be able to provide the customers with all they need to know online, without any hassle.

Distribute Content

A study conducted by Nielson and AOL found that over 50% people spend time on social sites. In accordance with these values, your business should distribute their advertisement and marketing techniques moreover the social media in comparison to other techniques.

Improved Brand Loyalty

Another study proved that 53% of US citizens, who follow businesses on social media, are more loyal to them too. You could build a large and loyal following using the social media. The impact of social media on business would be massive once your social profile starts getting properly noticed. The result would be a growth spurt in your business and its follower count.

More Prospective Customers

Easier to build a large following of customers; the number of quality posts you put up, the more customers you will have the ability to attract to your business/firm/brand.