Benefits of Agile Methodology in Software Development

Like every other business, software development has innovations and technological enhancements that create a trend for as long as we have something better in place. If we divide the software development companies or more precisely the mobile app development companies according to the development approach, we can clearly see that the agile development methodologies are becoming more popular as compared to the traditional “waterfall??? development methodology.

Agile versus Waterfall development Methodologies

Agile methodologies including programming, development and project management involve breaking down the software development into smaller modules while integrating documentation and quality testing at every step. The regular waterfall methodology includes predefining the requirements ahead of time with testing and documentation as last steps rather than being the fundamental part of development. The agile development methodologies are quite efficient and advantageous for mobile apps development.

Principles of Agile application development

Agile Methodology app developers andapp development companyprovide early and ongoing delivery of the software/app modules, within a few weeks.

Constant alliance / interaction of the developer(s) with the enterprise / business owner

Clients have the opportunity to request modifications even at the later stages of development, which is very important to meet the market challenges and enjoy a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Agile project management is more of a goal-based management rather than the collective project management. This type of project management enables you to use the full potential of your resources as each one might have mastery on one aspect of the application and very less or no understanding of the other.

Type of Agile Development Methodologies

1-Agile Scrum Methodology / Scrum Alliance

Scrum is an agile structure that breaks app development or general software development into smaller chunks rather than a formal project plan. Each chunk is referred to as a Scrum, which is managed by an individual project manager who is generally referred to as a “Scrum Master???. This technique is quite helpful in keeping the team focused on its goals.

2-Lean Development

This technique normally applies to the lean manufacturing principles such as sticking out notes on the board to communicate the next task on the list. General industry research shows that such techniques are being used by factories to manage their inventory/materials.

Type of Apps that can make the best use of the Agile Mobile App Development Methodologies

Our Enterprise apps can generally be divided into two major types of applications Goal driven apps and the Entertainment apps. All apps focusing on entertainment are more focused on enabling the end user to spend their time and can be developed using the traditional software development methodologies. However, the goal driven apps or true business apps are more likely to use the agile development techniques due to the following common practices or industry requirements:

1- Information availability while moving (Error free delivery of information whenever and wherever required Mobility)

2- Usefulness & Relevance

3- User-Friendly (ease of use and fluent navigation)

4- Personalization

The mobile app developers/development companies can decide on what methodology to adopt based on the level of team expertise, size of the team/organization and the types of mobile apps they need to focus on.