The cost of developing an android app can be compared to the cost of building a house. When you ask for a budget from your builders, they will not give an answer straight away as, they will want to know about the type of house that you are looking to build. Starting from questions like Who is going to be the architecture, and who will design it? Will your house be a simple one or it would have solar panels and state of the art features?

Such questions are necessary for deciding the cost needed to build your house, or in our case, deciding how much does it cost to make an android app. Customers that are more focused on the idea, always consider the cost ofandroid app development.Every business owner whether it’s from USA, UK, Canada, or Australia; looks for a good quality at low price.

Clients frequently ask about a ballpark cost for developing the android app, so that they can create on the budget in their mind, or else talk to their investors for raising the money. Therefore, in today’s post, we will look at the cost of the android app, and it’s comparison in developing a native or hybrid app. Let’s start!

Native vs. Hybrid Cost of Android App Development

When we talk about native apps, they refer to a particular operating system that can be downloaded only through a dedicated App Store. Android applications, for instance, are only accessible by android users, and they are developed with Java, Windows, and C++ etc. Such development can be very exclusive and time taking since they are developed in particular App Store at a time.

As for Hybrid apps, they are known as the latest HTML5 apps. A big plus point in developing such apps is their cross-platform UI that is compatible with a lot of devices. This development process costs you less as compared to native; however, it’s not useful for all types of apps.

Now, let’s have a look at the average hourly rates that you will be charged around the globe:

  • Programmers in USA or Australia charge you somewhere around $30-$140/hour
  • Western Europe developers charge €50-€60/hour; UK charges the same on average but, in their own currency ().
  • Developers in Eastern Europe will happily take $40-$60/hour.
  • Asia is very attractive for this matter as, they are ready to work for you in $8-$40/hour

Which One Is The Best?

When we compare both of these apps, Hybrid takes a less amount of time in development which is why it’s developed at a reasonably cheap price. Developing hybrid android application means you will only have to maintain a single code while, for the native app, you will have to develop it for all platforms. So, if you’re looking for a reasonable price option to build your android app, a hybrid is the one to go with!

Local or Outsource: Which Way to Go?

There is no doubt that developing an app locally will give you leverage over many things like communication. Meeting your developer’s face to face provides you a chance to physically check everything before you pay.

This works for most of the people. But, when we talk about outsourcing, you may hesitate due to different things like communicating with a team that is far away from you. But on the positive side, a virtual team that has many experienced in-house developers can deliver superior work as compared to locals, and they will also cost you less.

The best part of outsourcing is that you can easily find a goodmobile app development companythat you can trust on. To sum up, if an outsource company can manage communication barrier, and has all the required skill and experience needed for your job, then it’s worth to invest in them.

What to Look for in Android App Development Cost

No company will be able to provide you an exact price quote for your app at once. So, if you’re looking for a cost to develop your android app, then let me tell you that it depends on your specifications. For instance, if you would have to identify a rough cost for your app project, you would ask the company to give you a rough idea on the number of effort hours needed for your app.

Based on your app description, and features, companies calculate the number of effort hours needed for the job. Once done, we can easily calculate the amount with the formula: hours x hourly rate= development cost.

So have you made an android app recently? How much did it cost you, from design till the completion? Are there any other costs you think we should consider? Let us know by leaving a comment below.