Android’s Favorite Chat App WhatsApp Gets Voice Call Feature!

With 4.5 STARS and an amazing 500 MILLION downloads on the Google Play Store, WhatsApp is the world’s favorite chat app on Android devices since its launch in 2009. While Skype, Viber, Line, and Facebook already brought out the voice call feature, WhatsApp lagged behind in this department. WhatsApp users could not make voice or video calls without switching to another mobile app or using having to use their phone credit to make a call.

Well, no more!WhatsApp brings to its users all over the world its voice call feature, enabling them to make phone calls to any other WhatsApp contact in their phonebooks. Instead of having to use the cellular charges, your phone will either use Internet or Data to make the call. There are no hidden costs and international calls are absolutely free! This is the latest WhatsApp feature after WhatsApp Web, which allows its users to use WhatsApp on the web.

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How WhatsApp Call Works:

When another WhatsApp user calls you, a WhatsApp Call screen will pop up with three options:

    1. Accept call by sliding green button
    2. Decline call by sliding red button
    3. Decline call by tapping on message icon to send a quick message in response

Unfortunately and needless to say, WhatsApp Call cannot access any emergency numbers or those not using the application. However, users now have ease in calling their friends and family all over the world.

So, have you WhatsApp Call-ed anyone yet? If you did, what are your thoughts on the newest feature? Comment below with your opinions.

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