Enterprise mobility is not just a status or fashion symbol for any particular business model in today’s time; it has become the most BASIC requirement for businesses to reach out to their target audiences in shortest possible time. Banking and the general financial sector is the biggest consumer of mobile banking applications and other financial applications on all type of platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. A mobile banking application eliminates all the manual hassles and saves time & money from a large number of user input elements such as account opening forms, loan applications, credit applications, inter-account transactions and several other documents involved in numerous banking processes.

Taking into account the importance of mobile banking applications, we can talk about some of the solutions that are currently deployed in different markets. For example, SMS gateway is one of the most preferred banking solutions by various Asian countries. Then some of the US and Canadian markets are using robust mobile banking and financial applications for Money Transfer, Air-Time Transfer, Bank to Bank transactions and several other functions to accelerate the banking and financial processes overall.

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