Well, obviously you need to take an academic course on the subject. May you be a programming student or a hobbyist; being a pro takes more than a few certifications. You need a tech and behavior stack to support your career as a pro dedicated DOT NET programmer (.Net Programmer).

Why the Fuss about Dot Net NET (ASP.NET)?

Many great recent developments made being dedicated dot net developers even more exciting.

#1 The Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate is available to public now and this new version of the popular development tool includes the latest bits of C# 7.0.

#2 Google, an active Microsoft competitor, joined the .NET evolution.

#3 First release of Visual Studio for Mac. This version like all others will be offering same outstanding tool support for Xamarian apps, using F# and C#.

We may continue this thread of exciting developments but you get the gist of it; Microsoft .NET Foundation is thriving. If you chose .NET as one of the areas to be proficient in, you have chosen well.

The .Net Foundation is the technology from Microsoft that all future Microsoft technology will be based upon. Emerged as a competition to JAVA, Microsoft launched DOT NET and keeping up with its history, Microsoft made yet another advancement that might seem lagging in the beginning but was quick to catch up.

It was designed to offer:

  • The capacity to have a collection of computing devices work together and to allow user information update and sync on all connected devices.
  • Boost the interaction capacity of websites through using XML instead of HTML.
  • An online subscription service that will incorporate customized access and delivery of products and services from a central point that manages various apps.
  • Ease of information access through centralized and synchronized data storage.
  • Integration of various media communication channels.
  • For developers to create modules that can be used more than once, for faster, error-free productivity.

Tech Skills you need to become an ASP.NET Developer:

Here is a beginner’s checklist of skills you need to become an expert,DOT NET Developer:

  • C#
  • NET
  • MVC
  • .NET Core
  • SQL
  • HTML/ CSS and JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Strong understanding of Object-Oriented programming.

Non-Tech Expertise required to be a Pro .NET Developer:

  • Team Management Skills
  • Patience and Persistence
  • Analytics & Debugging Skills
  • Fast Learning Skills
  • Adherence to Deadlines
  • Listening Ability

This little overview would most likely have made clear to you that why it is so widespread and why .NET is important to learn if you want to develop your skills as a full-time programmer. Microsoft .NET requires a substantial amount of proficiency in technical skills and knowledge of some web development to use in a proper way and get the best out of every project.

As we said already, .NET is a framework for developing and running software application. .NET contains the collection of predefined class libraries. Object-Oriented Concepts are used in this programming field.


Microsoft .NET is used widely in the industry because of all these advantages and flexibility, and in addition to this, it also finds a significant usage for Window and Web-Based Application. It is also quite famous for web development methodologies like ASP DOT NET programming. It is also popular among the staff of IT sector who automate web-based administrative tasks.


The demand for ASP.Net programmer isn’t going to run out soon, if ever. Microsoft won’t allow it and like we said with Google collaboration, DOT NET evolution will only grow. So if you are willing to keep up and have a penchant for programming, you are going to be a very happy and well-paid coder.