“My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel it is, before all, to make you see.??? • Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim

Imagine an enterprise. They have a successful line of services, a beautiful yet simplistic logo, and the brand name. They start a website up and have it running with all their company information and services. It’s full of photographs of their services, with contact details available. Unfortunately, a large part is missing. This website is in need of all its content.

Now think: what will ensure to the customers that this company really provides quality and that these services ought to be used? There is no way for the customers to feel that security of receiving quality services.

While the product and services make up the means of revenue for any and every company, it is the words of the company and their writer that will provide security of quality to the customers. It is what will keep the users, visitors, clients, everyone coming and becoming loyal to them. That’s what creates repeat customers.

This post will help you in powerful content marketing for your website and in conveying your message in the desired manner to the target market.

The Target Market

The first step to quality content writing is distinguishing your target market from the rest of the crowd. Are your customer’s businessmen with little time on their hands? Are they intellectuals? Do you provide content services to elderlies who would want it concise and precise? Which age group, gender, etc. constitutes as your audience?

There are a few ways to differentiate your target market from the rest of the crowd:

  1.    Use social media to ask for audience feedback
  2.    Attend events that your target market is likely to attend
  3.    Use surveys and sampling

Once you have determined this, only then you can start working on the level and expression you must use in conveying your messages for advertisement, the actual content, and much more. These techniques can help you in this:

  1.    Start roaming with the kind of people that include your audience to know how these people think, what they want, and how they communicate
  2.    Study the demographics related to the targeted customers
  3.    What is their source of influence?

The Subject

Now, you must correctly recognize what your audience desires. What makes and breaks them. What they desire, what they need. Carry out a thorough research of your target market to define what will help attract the crowd. Content curation is a process of paramount importance and requires precision according to an audience.

Visit the websites and apps of rivals and competition companies to know how they handle the crowd, and what keeps these users loyal to them. Find out what your clients want in your content. Investigate on the subject matter that reels them in.

Your research and investigations will somewhere and somehow end up showing a blank space, some sort of gap in the given solutions, a problem left unsolved. This is where your skills come in, where you use your own resources to cook up content for the questions left unanswered for the clientele. You will use this to reel in the crowd, knowing that this problem needs a solution and that you will be the one to provide it to them.

The Content

Research may seem like it’s a difficult task, but it is the part where you have to start writing the actual content that really matters. All that studying aside, once you get to the writing bit that is the part which will end up building or breaking the flow of your readers.


A large portion of the content on the internet cannot be considered entirely true. A lot of users say on informational sites that they content given is inaccurate. You must make sure that the content you provide your audience with is true, real, and credible. Ensure there is truth in not only what you say but also in your own sources of information.


It’s always a good thing to create content in rivalry with another website to gain followers and users. However, originality of content is even better. It will take a while to bring in the audience, but eventually, with the strength of the content, the user base will gradually mature.

High Quality

The quality of a website meant for providing content includes not just the main content, but also that of your vocabulary and expression. While your prose must be conversational as to not sound like a textbook, it must also remain on a certain intellectual level to prevent the usage of slang and harsh vocabulary.

Visual Simulations

Although your content is not supposed to entirely be full of photographs and graphs, it’s better to add a few here and there to catch the eye of the users. You are writing to help your audience with their problems and proving solutions, not writing a novel, where a picture might feel out of place and context. Ensure that the visuals you attach with the content should be of good quality and hold relevance to the topic.


Maintain the level of focus on the topic at hand and try not to stray far from it. Use appropriate headings, subheadings, bullet points and numbering to convey your message in the best way possible. Use paragraphs for subtopics. As far as online content management is concerned, you must preserve focus in your writing techniques.

The process of writing content is only ever successful when the content is direct and to the point. Swaying from the topic ends in the reader either not wanting to read the rest in detail or skipping it entirely.


Once complete, every article, every description, whether it’s a thousand words and just 10, you must proofread the work in detail. Look for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, any incorrectly placed punctuation marks and missing or repeated words. You might end up finding mistakes you never thought you would have made.

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