DevBatch scores a big deal starting working with Keurig, a prominent name in the prestigious list of Fortune 500. Which is today, hosting $5 billion as their revenues. It is a matter of proud and a pleasure to mention, at a very young age, DevBatch has made it to the past master of beverages industry in the US.

Although Pakistan is one of the fastest growing names in technology vending industry, yet scoring deals with giants of Fortune 500 has never been an easy task.  Perseverance, meeting higher quality standards, delivering beyond the scope of a project are the ingredients of the secret juice to such achievements.

They say it is not about what you do in your business but what you are becoming. So, in that context, we see an inspiring case study in a fairly quick journey of DevBatch to this achievement. Though the CEO, Waqas Khan Pitafi, assumes it to be a spec of the milestones set for the envisioned destiny.

Starting from the software and apps development business to a complete Digital and Business Consulting Company, DevBatch is a great example of a strategic growth and a broad vision. And this path has been paved by the excellent team under the incredible leadership of the CEO.

From day one, “Be the Positive Difference has been the mantra in the company’s culture. This can be seen that how successfully DevBatch has made it true making to this point. For this is not just a project secured with Keurig, a Fortune 500 entity, but a vivid contribution in bringing proud to the homeland.

Best wishes are with the team and the visionary leader Mr. Waqas Khan Pitafi. Who knows what blows the next big news?

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