Chat App is a universal social chatting application. It has been developed in native by DevBatch for Android and iOS operating system devices. With the high demand for chat applications in the market, DevBatch has also created an app to meet the demands and needs of your customers. That is the best thing about this app; it is available for ownership transfer, ready with all its features, tried and tested for any bugs.

Your customers can send messages, emoticons, video and voice messages, while keeping themselves updated on the activities of their friends and family, too. Users can also make groups, enabling them to communicate with loved ones worldwide through a single conversation. The ability to make landline and mobile phone calls using this app is also available.

Application Features

  1. Audio Calls
    • Free voice calls to any Chat App user
    • Call to any mobile phone (with charges)
    • Group calls (with charges)
  2. Video Calls
    • Free to any Chat App user
    • Video call to supporting VoIP service (with charges)
    • Group video call (with charges)
  3. Messaging
    • One on One
    • Group chatting
    • Connect with AIM
    • Connect with Facebook Chat
    • Connect with Microsoft Lync
    • Connect with ICQ
    • Connect with XMPP/Jabber
    • Connect with Twitter
  4. Multimedia and File Sharing
  5. User Authentication
    • Create your identity on Chat App, similar to Whatsapp and Viber, by connecting through your cell phone number
  6. Contacts
    • Separate list of Chat App users from your friend’s lists and connected social networks
  7. Invite Friends
    • Invite people from your phone contacts list to use Chat App
  8. Account Recharge and payment
    • A number of payment options, along with the ability to easily recharge account balance
  9. Balance Sharing
    • Securely and safely send money to friends and family
  10. Social Inbox
    • Connect with any major social network for messaging purposes with your friends/followers.

Benefits of a Ready Made App

Need an application with all these features and more, without having to get a new one developed from scratch? This app has been made just for that purpose. Chat App is fully developed and ready for use with all these features available for you now. Now, you may ask why should you necessarily come to us for this app and not get something even vaguely similarly developed elsewhere? Keep reading on and you get to find out just that.

Firstly, acquiring the ownership of Chat App would be highly cost effective for you, whether you are an individual or a company. This app has been dragged through all the tedious and hectic steps required for the development of such an application. Ownership of this app would be a comparatively faster process as the development procedures have already been successfully completed.

Even though the development process for this application has been completed, it does not mean that it cannot be modified or customized according to your wishes. We will carry out any modifications for this app that you may desire. However, it would take slightly longer to alter the app than shifting ownership of the app to you.

Furthermore, you are guaranteed quality in the performance of the applications, the reason being that it has already been tested multiple times. Thus, it is a reliable and verified app, ready to be used. No designing from scratch would be required. The costs and spending of the Department of Research and Development of either, you or us, would be cut off. Either company would require no new skills, tools, technology or gadgets. Overall, acquiring a ready-made application holds many advantages. So, why should you not own it?

Benefits of an App Developed in Native

Native application development has been used for this particular app, unlike many other apps. There are a number of benefits of Chat App being a natively developed application.

This application is not only a chat app for android, it is also a chat app for iPhone and iPad. To begin with, native applications take full utilization of all the internal features of the device in accordance with the features of the app. It is also a lot easier to run native apps as compared to web apps that must be downloaded using a browser every time it has to be used. For this reason, using a native application is faster, both, as far as a number of required touches and internet connection is concerned.

Additionally, the developer and client must get approval for the app to be available for installation from the app store for Android and iOS, which happens to be a tedious process. Yet, it is beneficial since once approved, the specific app stores can give the developer full support and backing. It becomes easier to look up the app in the app store. Customers get full security and safety for their application, thus increasing customer loyalty. The application is also easier to develop for the developer as they have OS-specific tools for app development.

Native applications have the best graphics and APIs as they have been specifically developed for the device being used; the graphics are not just generally set up for use on a large variety of devices. There would be the minimum amount of bugs and glitches, giving the user a smooth performing app, especially in gaming elements.

While push notifications are available in native and cross platform applications, they would not notify you if it were a web app. They can alert users immediately about any received video or text messages, unlike in a web application. In a case of needing any updating or support for the app, you can get it done from DevBatch. Our developers would be happy to do it for you.

Then what are you waiting for? Contact us now for the ownership ofChat Appand make it available worldwide, whether modified or with the original features.