Mobile apps development is in big demand and is speculated to continue its surge in the next 5 years and beyond. Global revenue from app stores is expected to rise 62% this year to $25 billion, according to Gartner Inc. Smartphones and their technology is advancing at breakneck speed. iPhone releases a new version on yearly release cycle while Samsung is outdoing it with 3-4 phones of their flagship models combined. Giant leaps are being made in operating system software as well.

Mobile apps are easily beating web site development if not by volume yet but by their acceleration rate. While websites are mostly boring and you have to remember or type large URLs to find what you were looking for. As much as 40% of the whole internet traffic recently dropped when Google was down for only 5 minutes  crazy hell. You see people cannot remember the web addresses of the websites they visit for their daily bread and butter.

More than that mobile apps provide whole new user experience and are now able contenders for gaming. As Forbes suggests Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Could Be The End Of Video Game Consoles.

This is all great news. Lots of awesomeness for the people who are involved in development for mobile app platforms like iPhone, iPadAndroid and HTML5 (PhoneGap). India, Pakistan, China and many other developing countries have seen the opportunity and grabbed it with both hands. Lots of focus is developed and many local companies started providing services while certain went ahead with their own products. In Pakistan Japanese Company DeNA acquisition of Mobile Social Gaming Studio Gameview for a multi-million dollar mostly due to the worth of their hit title Tap Fish.

So you got a Mobile App idea that needs a developer

This is surely tricky. You are not the only one who feels lost. People have written how-tos on the topic. You start by deciding your budget that generally dictates between doing it onshore and or hiring an offshore team onshore in US would cost about 3-5 times more than offshore to (say) Pakistan.

If you choose to go offshore you’ll find a lot of talent, skills, and variety. The offshore industry is thriving. There are large talent pools available (see these charts from Elance Trends).

iPhone, iPadAndroid and HTML5 (PhoneGap) are among top 12 skills in demand. There demand is becoming stronger with the time as shown by the green upward arrow.

Among these countries, India, China (probably by the might of their population) and Pakistan are among the countries which have the largest talent pools. More competition translates to a better option for customers.

Consider these factors when you go offshore.

  • Ensure you have your scope clearly defined if not then spend time, efforts and cost on getting it right
  • Get multiple bids on your project
  • Lowest bids are not always the best ones mind it
  • You don’t have to be over technical or best judge start by asking common sense questions
  • Do due diligence check developer’s website, portfolio and don’t hesitate to ask and contact developer’s client references
  • Finally, take guard don’t pay to train your developers, hire the ones who got right skills to deliver for you

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