Cloud is a mixture of cloud computing, networking, storage, management solutions and applications that simplify IT and consumer services. Organizations have a desire to improve their business and lower down their costs, which has made cloud solutions on the top of everyone’s mind.

cloud-based application is a program that runs in the cloud, and also has features of the desktop app, and web app. The desktop app relies completely on a single device (personal computer or laptop), positioned at the user’s location. A web app, on the other hand, has a complete remote server storage, and it’s transported on the internet via browsers.

Cloud-based applications deliver a fast response and they are also capable of working offline. Such apps don’t require permanent location on the local device however, they can be updated online. If you have a cloud app, you can use it anywhere with a browser and a communication device that connects to the internet. Tools can also be customized in the cloud, while the user’s interface is on the local device.

The users are allowed to cache the data locally, which enables complete offline method when necessary. The big advantage that a cloud app has over the web app is its ability to be used on board such as aircraft etc. where a wireless connection is disabled. Moreover, cloud-based applications offer functions regardless of the internet availability.

Why should businesses choose cloud-based applications?

The popularity of cloud apps has grown ever among people who share content over the internet. Many organizations around the world offer a cloud app that lets users share files, images, links, music, and videos. Let’s have a look at some reasons why businesses need to choose cloud-based applications.

1)     Cost of Ownership is reduced

With cloud-based applications, the cost of ownership is reduced for businesses because cloud services are based on pay as you go approach. These can be used by organizations without even configuring the IT infrastructure. This ultimately reduces down the expenses related to purchases such as software, servers, and hardware.

With only a small fixed amount of subscription, companies can also plan and manage their expenses. This includes hosting, maintenance, upgrades, and technical support.

2)     Maintenance cost is reduced

Cloud-based applications also reduce the maintenance of upgrading to the latest version.  Cloud has automatic updates that make businesses not to worry about their maintenance system and the time spent on upgrading manually.

3)     Apps can be accessed from anywhere

Cloud system is preferred by many businesses as it gives a boost in productivity, and allows them to access data in real time. Cloud-based applications deliver flexibility, which helps employees access it from anywhere, with any device.

4)     Scalability for businesses in achieving their goals

Cloud-based applications make it easy for any organization to add or remove users. If there is a situation where more storage space is required, cloud services add servers or even shift server load to other servers. This in result provides scalability and helps a business achieve its goals.

5)     Real-time collaboration made easier

The cloud-based application makes real-time collaboration easier, which allows employees to work on the same page regardless of their location. Team members can easily work on similar projects simultaneously with easy access to all recent updates. This results in an increased efficiency, and thus allows employees to communicate with each other through any part of the world.

6)     Data protection at its best

There is always some probability of losing valuable business information from a computer. It may be a disaster or other natural causes. This is where cloud-based backup systems help businesses in recovering their data without wasting a second. This in result makes sure that data is protected and business operations go smoothly.

By doing this, businesses can easily reduce their initial expenses on infrastructure if it’s set-up via a cloud-based application. Cloud-based applications help organizations to get a competitive edge and increase their ROI.