Planning an event? Planning several at a time? Well, you sure have a lot of people to invite, register and keep track of; payments to be made, sales revenues to be checked, dates to be remembered, venues to be finalized. There is just so much to do!

DevBatch Introduce Mobicon App for Event Planning €“ Registration and Management

This is where the MobiCon App steps in and helps you manage one of the most time consuming and frustrating processes of any event €“ registering the attendees. The MobiCon App runs on smartphones and tablets that support Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. It is the best event registration app that you can find in and around the app world and efficiently run your registration process without a hitch in a matter of minutes. No long queues, no lengthy lists of paper with names written all over the place. Just a few clicks and input of few details and your guests are happily registered.
DevBatch has developed one of the most iconic apps for event planners to be able to better handle name lists, registered names, payment options and status, attendance and the like which are the most crucial points and phases of all events. Managing guests is perhaps the most important aspect of any event as, if they are taken care of, from the start of the event (which includes registering of course) till the very end, they are bound to come back for more.
If the registration process is hassle free, it takes away from the frustration of both, the guests as well as the event planners.
An app development company, with an experienced team, DevBatch keeps coming up with innovative apps that facilitate their clients with their businesses, every step of the way. The App developers work in cohesion with their clients to provide customized solutions to make their businesses more mobile and spread them among a larger audience.
Delving into the event planning business, DevBatch has now come up with a solution to the problem of lengthy registration lines, at any and every event.

Event Registration System Developer €“ Time to be Paper Free €“ Reserving the Spot on the Spot

Reliability and proficiency are key to getting registrations done quickly and without any problems that may crop up with the acceptance and/or rejection of guests. With the MobiCon App, you can manage event registrations, issue event tickets, update attendee profiles, print delegate badges, confirm payments, generate reports, scan QR codes and much more with the ease and comfort of simply using your phone or tablet. Whether it’s a Fundraiser, Annual Conference, Achiever’s Dinner, Sales Moot, Concert, Convocation or a School Event, this mobile app for event registration serves the needs of all and helps you stay on top of all the major paperwork???.
Do away with the pages and pages of lists and hassle of getting printing badges beforehand. The MobiCon App features allow with printing badges on the spot, checking tickets with unique QR codes that picks out fake ticket holders, and lots of other features that each event manager would be praying for!
Synergize your resources by adopting the event registration MobiCon App and cultivate your outreach to more and more people, by having them register with ease and give them the attention they deserve. Be dynamic in your approach and choose MobiCon App. Smooth out any wrinkles in your event organization, starting off with the best event registration and ticket booking app.
No need to waste time in trying to organize every minute detail; let the MobiCon App handle it. Save time, effort, money, and energy by installing this app, which has an extremely user-friendly interface. No need to invest in the greater human resource to deal with handling the registrations. Shorten the queue and increase the number of attendees in a jiffy and make your event a raging success!