Event registration management software: An expensive hoax or a modern essential?

Do you think that event registration management software is only an exaggerated, overpriced accessory? If you answer is yes, then you my friend, cannot be more wrong. Event registration app & event management app is something that modern consumers have begun to expect when it comes to large-scale commercial events, charity balls and galas. Also, these event registration apps are helping organizers by offering them in-depth details about attendees’ preferences that surely contribute to a successful event.

Planning and execution of any event take a considerable amount of time and effort, whether it’s a birthday party or a high school reunion. Sponsors and organizers of almost all popular global events are using customized event registration & management software (online management solutions & efficient mobile apps) to offer an enhanced, enchanted event experience.

We are living in the SaaS (Software as a Service) age and that means that more tasks can be performed with little or no human intervention. Not to mention it is also a cheaper fix to most of your event planning complications. Development of event management software is said to be worth 6.38 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 and is expected to grow to almost $9 billion by 2020, according to Statista.

Advantages of an All-In-One online event reservation system:

We have already explained that having an all-in-one event registration management software can help you deliver dream event experience & here’s how:

According to the annual report compiled by CareerCast, Event Coordination is the 5th most stressful job in 2017 (the list is topped by enlisted military personnel). However, an event management app can eliminate some stress of this dangerous stressful routine through:

  1. Manageable Data Organization Lots of spreadsheets means lots of room for error. Event planners & sponsors can now dispense with complex spreadsheets, emails, website development, messengers etc. With a unified solution, one can access data anytime, anywhere.
  2. Paperless Ecological Solution With an app or a cloud-based registration system you needn’t compile paper-based invitations or RSVP for people. A smart event registration management takes care of all and is a “Green Solution¯.
  3. Real-Time Tracking Professional event planners need to keep tabs on event’s progression. They need to check if everything is going according to the plan and later on they need to identify if there were flaws in that plan. A mobile solution can collect all the facts and analyze them for you.
  4. Facilitated Interactions A grand event = A lot of attendees = A lot of arrangements to be made. You will have to see to the hotels’ arrangements, schedules, check-ins and other personal preferences. An event management software can help you stay in control of all these complexities without losing sanity.

Do You Even Need a Customized Event registration management software?

We can tell you all about event registration app or other software and how to develop it but first, you need to have a clear mind about why you need a custom-built software? We are not going to lie and say it’s a cheap business solution as it can cost you quite a pretty penny (a ballpark sum is $ 100K at least; keep reading for a detailed estimate). Nonetheless, an expert all-in-one solution in today’s market is surely a profitable venture for your investment.

Defining your objective and your target audience is the primary crucial step towards a successful project execution. So when you know what kind of clientele you are planning your software for; it will be easier to justify the means to the end. Having an event registration management software means streamlined experience, organized guest management, an in-depth insight into guest preferences and reduced cost of resources. Which is why personalized events apps are not for everyone, smaller gatherings can do perfectly well with online event registration system. However, these online event registration system offers registration only while a software will help you oversee the tiniest detail of your gathering.

Must Have Features for an Event Registration Software:

event registration management

If you are not a tech-savvy person, knowing your potential clients will also help you decide what features your app should incorporate. A typical event registration software, especially event registration mobile app have these features:

  1. Online Registration form
  2. Confirmation Emails
  3. Check-in app (Badge printing with QR codes)
  4. Real-Time analytics reporting
  5. Administration Dashboard
  6. Schedule builders
  7. Event-Related documents inclusion
  8. Speakers’ Bio and Sessions info
  9. Push notifications
  10. Live Polls
  11. Contact Exchange
  12. Sponsor’s List
  13. Social Media Integration

Your clients may need some or all of these above-mentioned features, given the nature of their gatherings. You might have already noticed that various events and their organizers have different needs like:

  • Almost all event planners have to communicate with a lot of people so they are likely to need a feature to manage their contacts.
  • Celebratory parties & wedding organizers tend to focus on seating plans, a pre-defined schedule, and attendees lists.
  • Charitable events’ planners need to communicate with the benefactors and volunteers to make their events successful.
  • Business clients can plan both one big gathering or multiple small gatherings to promote a brand campaign to attract clients.
  • Musical concert planners will need it to collect registration information and fees.
  • Conference and seminar organizers will require your software to be able to check people in and offer them a schedule of the lectures and workshops.

Cost Estimation & Development Hours Required for Creating a Flawless Event Registration Management Software

event registration management software development

If you are reading still, it means that you are interested in getting a personalized Event registration management software developed. So here is the scope of work for the project:

  • UX/ UI Design
  • Frontend/ Backend Development
  • QA (Manual & Automated)

A team of six to eight IT professionals should suffice for this project. In this segment, we are going to break the most important event planning and management features and divided them into modules for cost and time estimation. (Pricing plans for each company vary, based on expertise. We will be mentioning the average rates of professionally adept IT firms.). Based on the needs of your clientele you can add/ remove modules.

  1. Event Management Module

This module has features (as mentioned below) that will help planners see all their events; create and edit events.

  • An Event Page With generic info about it.
  • Event Dashboard To display all the events of the past, future and currently under-way.
  • Calendars To plan the activities accordingly.
  • Check-Lists To enlist pending tasks for a smooth workflow.
  • Budget & Payments To devise a budget and oversee the incoming payments made by attendees.
  • Analytics & Reports This feature helps monitor the success of events.

Cost & Hour Estimate: 21,000 U.S. Dollars, 440-480 hours.

  1. Attendee Management Module

The features of this module would include:

  • Registration & RSVPs A registration form to enable signing up and if plausible an RSVP feature to enable organizers to predict a head-count.
  • Attendee List A list of attendees help organizers manage all the guests and their preferences.
  • Event Check-In Event registration app for conferences and seminar organizers include a check-in feature to ensure that only invited or verified people attend.
  • Ticket Orders- Apps for concerts should enable ticket selling and monitoring of the sales.

Cost & Hour Estimate: 14,000 U.S. Dollars, 280-320 hours.

  1. Contact Management Module

These features help keep track of vendors and their contacts and manage them efficiently.

  • Import Contacts To quickly import contact and vendor lists form spreadsheets or Access files.
  • Contact Updates For fast updating of the contact list.
  • CRM Integration Combined features of CRM with Event Planning for saving resources.
  • Activity Tracking For logging interactions for personal reminding.


Cost & Hour Estimate: 13,900 U.S. Dollars, 280-320 hours.

  1. Event Marketing Module

Most events and seminars need marketing to attract attendees and this module can cater to these events through:

  • Event Website An inbuilt website developer can help create attractive, responsive & mobile friendly websites quickly.
  • Email Marketing To send out personalized email invites and follow-ups to attendees.
  • Social Promotion To enable event marketing on famous social platforms.
  • Reporting To oversee the effectiveness of marketing strategy.


Cost & Hour Estimate: 24,500 U.S. Dollars, 520-560 hours.

  1. Team Collaboration Module

A successful event requires dozens of clever minds and capable hands, and these features help them coordinate.

  • Multi-User Access For team members’ sign-ups and collaborate on tasks.
  • File Sharing To enable uploading/ downloading of documents and images related to the event.
  • Live Chat To chat about the progress of on-going task and troubleshooting of issues.

Cost & Hour Estimate: 13,900 U.S. Dollars, 280-320 hours.

  1. Event Customization Module

Leveraging third-party software; this module enables planners to customize events.

  • Integrations- Integrate third party software like Google Drive, Mail Chimp or Skype into your event registration management software.
  • Branded Accounts Add a logo or favorite font on your personalized software accounts to promote a unified image.

Cost & Hour Estimate: 13,900 U.S. Dollars, 280-320 hours.


Summing all these modules, the total development of an efficient event registration management software requires a budget of $101, 200.

event registration management software

Editor’s Pick: The Best-Ever Event Registration & Management Apps To- Date

  • Coachella

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival celebrates America’s love for its diversified culture like none other. The ultimate event for millennials to hang out and be entertained by the best and brightest of the country, Coachella 2017 was attended by 125,000 people. That, of course, means that Coachella offers a stellar guest app for the attendees to experience the festival in its true spirit. The main app maintains a list of artists and performers, personalized schedule feature, push notifications, live streaming and social media integration.

  • Cannes

Cannes film festival is an invite-only festival; held in Cannes, France previews films and documentaries of all genres from around the world. The jury grants a range of awards to the most deserving. Attendance-wise Cannes is Oscar’s rival and has an event app to show for it. Cannes event app is elegant, smooth and offers features like live streaming, geolocation and a diary to record memories.

  • TEDConnect

Known as one of the most impactful and life-altering conferences in the world today, TED is a platform where industry leaders share their wisdom and their experiences. Even though you can hear TED talks on YOUTUBE free, still people rush to the live event in big crowds to be inspired, find direction or simply network.

TEDConnect is the event app that puts everyone at ease. It enables you to:

  • Message both speakers and guests.
  • Become a part of TED network
  • View list of everyone in attendance.

If you have an account and a confirmed registration at a TED or TEDx event, then, yes, you can text even Richard Branson (if he is speaking at the event, of course).  Similarly, there are apps for COMIC-CON, New York Fashion Week and all major events with star-studded and elaborate guest list.