Like the customers of all the other device and gadget companies, Apple customers also want quality and finesse in the products they use. This applies to the soft products and services, too; that is, the applications and widgets on their iOS devices. Developers may hold expertise in iOS app development, but you as a client must also make sure to give in all your input to ensure an end product that satisfies the needs of your customers, provides them with an easy usage app with a simple interface while ensuring a good payback period and revenue. Most importantly, you want an iOS app that is ranked well and doesn’t end up on the 100th page of the search list instead of the first few pages. This is why, as the client, you should follow these few basic rules for how to develop iOS apps successfully.

Do’s of iOS App Development

First of all, like all other tasks, you should know what is right and what is wrong to do; which tasks hold utmost importance and which factors to keep in mind to ensure a successful app in all terms including performance and revenue.

Plans and Flowcharts

Plan the entire project, from the rough designs to deploying your application on the Apple App Store for your customers. Create a flowchart for how you want the entire project to pan out for all its phases of development, designing, marketing, testing, and updating.


Properly budget your time and money because those are the  ones that run out the fastest. Once you run out of one, soon after the other follows. Create a budget plan to help you keep up with your monetary resources in accordance with the time you have. Do not waste time either; you could end up realizing you lost precious time over unnecessary things.


Perform full and necessary research of your target market and their needs and requirements and of your possible competitors. Conduct a thorough research, especially if you have a tough and quantitative competition.

Marketing and Advertising

Make sure your marketing and advertising techniques and placement are correct according to your target market. Make it as lively, creative, and friendly as possible, with just the required details. Stuffing your space is highly discouraged. Make sure that your marketing and research never stops and that the consumers are kept updated with every feature and app update.

Satisfactory Finishing

Make sure you finish with a resultant iOS app that is not only satisfactory to you but also to your prospective clients and customers, with an end result that possibly encompasses expectations.

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Customer Needs and Requirements

When working on an idea for iOS app development, you must make sure that you keep the customers and clients in mind. The app should have a purpose and should not only be created for the purpose of marketing and company fame.

Device Sensors and Factors

Create a robust app incorporating most, if not all, factors and sensors of the iOS device, like the GPS, Camera, Bluetooth, etc. This results in an end product which takes optimum usage of the device.

Test Runs and Troubleshoot

Perform as many test runs and download the application as many times on the different iOS devices you want it to work on as possible. Before you launch your app into the market, make sure your iOS app developer has run the app and tested it for all possible glitches so that the consumer would have as close to minimum complaints about your app and its performance as possible.

Unique and Exotic

Sometimes, it’s best to be unique and exotic instead of common and boring because the audience wants something new. Everyone gets tired of monotony and wants something special, something that stands out from the list of apps on the App Store. Create a customized, unique app idea, not a replica app just to enter the competition and beat the rivals.

Don’ts of iOS Application Development

When designing an iOS application, there are particular factors that you must adhere to and things that you just mustn’t do. Some of these are listed below to help you out.

Unique Does Not Equal Complex

Create a unique application, and not something too complex, as such an app can get you frustrated and make you want to change the idea, or worse, leave it unfinished midway.

No Proof, No Greatness

Everything needs proof. You can’t convince yourself that your app is the best one out there of its category if it’s not getting any ratings and downloads.

Never Forget Marketing

Don’t forget marketing because that is your only means of communicating with the audience and customers about your app and its features. Development may hold utmost importance but never forget about the marketing phase of the product.

Overconfidence and Pricing

Never be overconfident in pricing as you could end up not getting enough sales due to overpricing your app and any in-purchases, products, and services. Apple customers usually have the money but they don’t want something incorrectly and overpriced.

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Don’t Create Imitations

Be original instead of creating an imitation app; it’s the worst you can do in the market as that just kills the craze and buzz of the original app and the limitations along with it.

Never Forget the Testing

You should never forget to ensure your app is fully and properly tested even if you’re running out of time. Being a bit late is better than realizing that the published app is not even downloading on the iOS devices due to a minor fault in the code.

Don’t Forget The Flowcharts

Don’t forget the flow charts and map. You want to know how and when everything is supposed to play out in the plan and that you do not forget an important step in the process.

Never Give Up

Just because there is a glitch in the development or design, it doesn’t mean you give up on your project. That’s like giving up on your child because they didn’t come up to your expectations. You should put in a little more input and effort and work towards fixing the problems instead of giving up just when you’re almost there.

In order to successfully complete a satisfactory iOS app development project, you should follow these simple rules. The DevBatch iOS developers‘ team and sales team can help you accomplish your iOS app development goals with these rules ingrained in their workings. Get a free quote for our services today.