For the purposes of Food Delivery, Take Away, and/or E-Commerce, iReady2Sell application has been developed in native for Android and iOS operating system smartphones and tablet devices. The package includes two parts. The first is the back end, which you will use as your company’s mobile app that comes with a Web Control Panel (WCP). It will deliver and manage the orders you receive from the customers, as well as run the promotions for you. The second part of iReady2Sell app is the user or customer end app, the front end that will be available for customers to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store from their devices. They will be able to send and manage their orders using this app, with the bonus feature of the app being multilingual.

The iReady2Sell application package comes with an entire suite of application features, branding options, WCP features, promotional tools, application marketing, and other amazing optional extras. Details for all are as follows:

Package Details of iReady2Sell

  1. The application comes with free storage capacity for data and images.
  2. The app is compatible on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and Android tablets.
  3. You can publish your application to the Google App Store and Apple App Store.
  4. The app provides you with application usage analytics from the users.
  5. The application has a Web-based Control Panel.
  6. Our developers provide technical support to all our clients during business hours.

Application Features of iReady2Sell

  1. The application enables you to provide an unlimited number of products on it for the customers to order and use.
  2. Every product comes with its own unique product image.
  3. Products have configuration alternatives.
  4. There are an unlimited number of categories for your range of products.
  5. The iReady2Sell app stores the customer data offline for later use.
  6. Every night, the data will be automatically synchronized on the application.
  7. Pull to Refresh feature like in most popular and successful mobile applications.
  8. Search bar feature to enable customers to search the database for their desired product.
  9. Products are immediately added to customers’ mobile shopping cart.
  10. Mobile shopping cart can be disabled to be only used as a catalog.
  11. Featured products will be displayed on:
    1. Home Page
    2. Categories
  12. Products can be promoted on the home page.
  13. Feature of informational pages in the application.
  14. There is a contact page for the delivery of products to the customers.
  15. Application will have a link to your own website too.
  16. Customer will have the ability to configure an unlimited number of delivery addresses.
  17. Application will show the user your nearest franchise using an in-app nearest outlet locator.
  18. Customers can view their own order history.
  19. One-tap reordering could become your customers’ favorite feature in the near future.

Branding Options of iReady2Sell

  1. DevBatch provides you with branding for your own application.
  2. Our developers will also provide the standard customizations for your application:
    1. Unique application name
    2. Application logo
    3. Color scheming

Web Control Panel Features of iReady2Sell

  1. Access controls for multiple levels
  2. You can manage the products, their details, images, etc.
  3. There is the ability to manage the list of categories of your company’s products.
  4. Using the Web-based Control Panel, you can view and manage all the customer orders being received.
  5. You can update the status of the order and send push notifications according to the stages of the orders.
  6. The WCP enables you to view the analytical reports sent in by each user for the performance and data of your application and the products available.
  7. The WCP also provides you with broader and detailed reports.
  8. You can manage the outgoing push notifications per product, phase of order and promotions.
  9. We have a dedicated helpdesk to support our clients and your staff.

Promotional Tools of iReady2Sell

  1. You can provide discounts in your promotions of the products.
  2. There is the ability to run time limited promotions according to, perhaps, international or religious holidays.
  3. The iReady2Sell clients can post instant promotions.
  4. The home page can also feature a “Deal of the Day’ with, for example, a reduction in the usual price.
  5. Demographical promotions can also be run.
  6. You can post promotional announcements for your new products.
  7. Customers can share the following on their social media profiles and networks:
    1. Individual products and their details
    2. Your application

Application Marketing of iReady2Sell

At DevBatch, we provide you with successful and result oriented App Store Optimization services to help create better publicity and customer reachability for your application. With our services, your app will be well received by customers and deliver high rankings and increase the number of downloads on the app stores. From app name suggestions to keyword optimization, we provide it all.

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Optional Extras of iReady2Sell

  1. Increase data management to 500 product entries and revisions per year
  2. Additional application customization options
  3. Integrations with your e-commerce website or POS
  4. Additional pack of 10,000 push notifications
  5. Additional data and image storage capacity

Do you provide a large range categorical and products to your customers? Does it seem like your customers would be happier with the option of ordering your services from a quicker source without having to leave the comfort of their homes? This is the app for you then! DevBatch provides you with the best e-commerce, restaurant app, and food ordering app for iPhone and Android devices. This ready-made application can be customized according to your company, products, and specifications with a unique logo, app name, and beautiful user interface. The iReady2Sell application has easy comprehensibility for product ordering, enabling your customers to use social media to share the products and your application. Contact us now with your product line and categories and we will take care of the app store optimization, app customizations and much more!