DevBatch started off 5 years ago as a small web and mobile apps development company, started by Waqas Pitafi, the owner, and CEO of this company. Today, we stand successful and strong with over 200 mobile apps developed, over 70,000 team coding hours, and 4,000 hours of work delivered on oDesk. We are a team of 40 members and are growing continuously. While we were getting clients from all over the world, our business lead count per month still remained considerably low, even till the previous quarter. However, with the following Search Engine Optimization techniques, we were able to take these numbers skyrocketing to the moon.

What Were These Numbers?

With the number of business leads, we were getting per month remaining low, we didn’t really expect these numbers. So, when it happened, the team was ecstatic. We achieved converting our visitors into business leads that are now making progress in their own businesses by hiring developers for web and mobile apps. Furthermore, they helped us by growing our number of converted leads by:

  • 410% more business leads in April 2015
  • 180% even more than April in May 2015

We had set a goal for our target market as well. We wanted to ensure that our clients would mostly be from USA. Fortunately, we were able to achieve this goal and now most of our clients are from USA.

How Did We Obtain These Numbers?

While there are plenty ways and techniques of converting businesses leads, our list comprised of powerful SEO techniques and we did not need to spend even a single dollar on advertisements over the internet and search engines. We used these techniques to their utmost best and that is what helped us and persuaded our current clients to hire us.

Our SEO Techniques

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Responsive Website

One of the foremost important techniques of persuading visitors to contact us and convert into important website leads was to immediately ensure that our website became a responsive platform from the perspective of the visitors. We changed the HTML and coding to transform the website. After we were done with it, the website became a better viewer experience with improved navigation, reading and scrolling across a range of devices.

Website Speed

The speed of a website is a factor that holds utmost importance from the user experience perspective. A user/visitor of any website will only visit and continue to visit a website if they are not being frustrated by it, they find what they are looking for on the website and the services and products provided are according to their desires. We had been facing this problem for a while. But once we handled this issue and eliminated it to the best extent, we realized that it was one of the reasons we may not have been getting as many visitors as we are getting now on the site.

Errors and Crashes

Nobody likes a website full of errors upon visiting links that they displayed on the site and are supposed to perform well. We faced problems on the website, showing us the 404 and 301 errors.

The 404 Error is shown when the URLs have been either changed or removed. So when certain links were visited, our clients saw the 404 Not Found Error. We made sure to check out all the links and set them accordingly all over the sitemaps, website links, etc.

The 301 Error is a similar problem where the URLs have been edited and the page has to be redirected elsewhere in the website. We encountered this issue often and soon ensured all our links were amended.

Sitemap Optimization

A sitemap is literally what it says. It is the map of the website. It is used by search engines to create an index of your website to help enlist your links for the visitors. We improved our over-cluttered sitemap and cleaned it up, showing only the necessary ones. We ensured the sitemap would be simplistic in nature to help our visitors and improve their experience of the site.

Internal Linking

While we regularly update our website and our on-site blog, the content barely contained links to direct the visitors to suitable informative, contact and about pages. The users would have to use the sitemap instead of directly being able to access the required pages from the individual blog and website pages. We added on-site and off-site links to help our visitors understand the topics better, thus improving user experience and refining the site SEO wise.

Content Optimization

We spoke of offering Digital Marketing Services to customers but our own content management was not very well handled. We enhanced the level of language and content provided on the website and our blog, posting new material regularly for the visitors to read. This helped rocket our visitor count massively.

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Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

PR Tech Blogs

Not only did we immensely improve our own website, we also talked about our website and company on public relation technology blogs. This self-publicizing and absolutely free SEO technique helped us loads. The tech blogs’ readers got to know about our company and services without us having to advertise using monetary sources.

Community Participation

Participation in society and the community as a child always helps kids get recognized by everyone. However, this rule doesn’t just apply to little kids and help them in socializing. This applies even to the web and mobile application development companies who want to grow their business lead count. Participating in technological communities helped our company and website get publicized and provide our visitors with the opportunity to get acquainted with us.

Powerful Link Building

We built strong links for our website with search engine optimization in mind. We linked articles and blog to inbound links for our visitors. Link building is important for optimizing your website and company for the search engines that have your website indexed with them.

Competitor Footprints

Not only did we build links for our website, we followed the SEO techniques for back-linking used by our competition. We followed their back-linking footprints and used similar or the same techniques as them to not only help visitors in finding us but also to create competition for our own rivals and contenders.

In The End

Conclusively, we would like to say that we achieved our goals for the second quarter of the year, increasing our visitor conversion to business leads enormously through SEO techniques that did not even require us to spend money on buying advertisements on search engines. Also, we offer our Digital Marketing Services to you. We offer free quotes for all our services, so contact a DevBatch representative today with your ideas and requirements.