With a set of 13 software packages and 7 different development models available to work with, ASP.NET is an open source, the web, and mobile application development framework. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to write code in this framework. ASP.NET is developed by and runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

With its vast variety of tools and packages,NET is not one of the simplest frameworks available for developers out there. Therefore, as a client, if you want to develop using ASP.NET framework, you must make sure that your .NET app developer possesses the required coding skill set and the expertise for its proper usage.

Expertise and Qualities of an ASP.NET Application Developer

There are a number of qualities and expertise that you, as a client, must look for while making the decisions to hire the best .NET application developer for you and the services you require completion and delivery. Firstly, there is the skill set, expertise, and knowledge of the developer you decide to hire in the end. This includes experience in working with the required frameworks, platforms, programming languages, and all other such development categories.

Then, there are the general qualities your developer must possess and that you must look for in them. As a client with a high probability of hiring an offshore .NET application developer, your employee must possess these qualities.

Expertise of ASP.NET App Developer

There are a number of areas for which your potential developer must possess expertise in order to ensure the successful development of an application with high-performance levels, a unique yet simple User Interface, and high-quality graphic designing.

Expertise in the Following Skills:

The employees you end up hiring must have appropriate knowledge in their fields. Likewise, the developer you hire for the job must have knowledge in the following skill set.

  1. ASP.Net Active Server Pages .Net Microsoft’s clean and easy open source web app framework for the server to produce dynamic web pages
  2. C# 3.0 for .Net C Sharp programming language available in .Net 3.5
  3. F# 1.0 for .Net F Sharp multi-paradigm programming language with .Net Interoperability
  4. Visual Basic for .Net Microsoft’s .Net version of Visual Basic another multi-paradigm programming language
  5. Microsoft SQL 2012/2014 Microsoft Structured Query Language Microsoft’s Relational Database Management system for business and enterprise situations.
  6. AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML a client-side script that interacts with the server without needing to completely reload the web page.
  7. JavaScript Programming language a better option in comparison with C#
  8. CSS Cascading Style Sheets look and formats of the markup language document.
  9. HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
  10. DHTML Dynamic HTML an umbrella term for a collection of tools and technologies used together for any interactive website, complete with a markup language, scripting language, presentation definition language, and lastly the Document Object Model.

Project Types Covered:

Your prospective developer must have covered at least the following types of projects in their work experience.

  1. E-Commerce Solutions
  2. E-Learning and Education
  3. ASP Application Maintenance
  4. Business Websites and Applications
  5. Social Networking Websites and Applications

Qualities of ASP.NET App Developer

The qualities mentioned under this heading may not specifically be applied to an ASP.NET application developer, the reason being that there are no qualities of any specific application developer. Rather, these qualities must be found in any employee, whether part time, full time, onshore, offshore, doesn’t matter. What does matter, in fact, is that whoever you employ for the completion of the required job must possess these qualities.

Passion for Required Technologies and Work

For the successful completion of any project, even if it is completely unrelated to web and mobile application development on .NET framework, your .The net developer must be passionate about their field of work. No good comes from having a job in a field with no interest or passion. Your offshore NET application developer must be passionate about development and working on this framework as it requires full attention and expertise, which are all linked together.

Intelligence for Their Field

Someone with a lack of understanding for the aforementioned field cannot possibly deliver quality services in a department of an industry that requires all the intelligence and knowledge they can get. It isn’t necessary to point out, but the prospective developer must be intelligent because they will be required to work in an environment of accordance.

Love for Knowledge

In the world of technology, programming, and web development, everything is in a constant state of advancement, with new tools and technology underway development and innovation. Consequently,NET application developers must have a love for knowledge. They will have to be in a constant state of learning and education, considering the speed at which innovation and evolutionary waves are pulling the developers under them.

Knowledge of Other Technologies

While .NET application developers must have full knowledge in their own framework and the according technologies, it’s a necessity to have a diverse knowledge and that of other technologies too. This is for the reason that you may want to have a hybrid application created or might need cross-platform services for your application. Your .NET web and mobile app developer must have the knowledge to work on other tools for the purposes of integration.

Consultation with the Clientele

This is an important part of being a good employee. They must be in a habit of consulting the client and keeping them well updated at every step and accomplishment during the development of the application. Regular reports must be sent to you about every aspect and development of the project. The employee must consult you before making important and final decisions for the application and its coding processes.

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