Do you need to hire a dedicated developer or web app developer for a project you have been working on? Are you hesitating in choosing a developer because you are have heard all sort of horror stories about how an app developer ruined a project and people who had to start all over again from scratch? There might be people who spend thousands of dollars and have nothing to show for it but on the other hand, there are also people who made millions from a calculated project.

If you read this article, we can guide you how to land a professional WordPress, Magento, .Net, PHP and Front End developer for your project and avoid any potential pitfalls.

First of all, what you need is an accurate job description:

Getting your job description right:

If you plan to post your job add with a simple “hiring a mobile app developer or “hiring a web app developer, chances are you are setting yourself up for a round of interviews with the candidates that would be over 90% wrong for the job. So to begin the hunt for the right developers, you need a right description that answers these questions:

What is the duration of the project?

You need to specify how long you expect your project to last. If you are hiring a developer who is a freelancer or you need tohire a developerfor a web and mobile app development company, they will offer you two price plans:

  • One time price that takes cares of the whole project (suggested for small projects)
  • Hourly, monthly or weekly price plans that will specify the work routine of your developer (suggested for ongoing projects).

What skillset are you going to need?

This is an important question. If you are not a tech savvy person and are looking for a dedicated developer, we suggest you read up.

Because you need to know exactly what skills your project need if you want to correctly navigate through the word magic of the semi-skilled mobile developers. You should be able to ask them technical questions to scale their skill set correctly. You should know the programming language that’s best for your project like:

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, C++, Python, Objective C, Swift, Xcode, PHP, .NET etc.

There are also tools and development environment:

Magento, WordPress etc.

How much experience in a developer do you deem appropriate?

Is your project of an advanced category? Because if it is then you will be needing a developer with the advanced level of expertise to do it justice. You would also need to verify if the years of experience a developer has is in more generalized capacity or is related to a specific skill.

Are there any personality traits you will feel comfortable working with?

Is your developer going to work in a team or is answerable to anyone? Because if that’s true then you would be needing behavior traits that will be most suitable for you and your team. This step might seem like a minor concern but remember this even an MIT educated software engineer will do you no good if he doesn’t heed your deadline.

Now that you have an accurate job description, here are some elements to focus on during evaluation so you can fish out the right developer for the job:

  1. Find out what his/ her policy is about the ownership of source code upon the completion of the project. They should be willing to release the code and intellectual property, upon the completion of a project and not make a claim.
  2. Ask them about their technical capabilities, if you have a complex app development project then you would need a team of dedicated developers who excel at:
  1. Ask for developer’s portfolio and go through their works to familiarize yourself with their working style. Download their apps and visit their websites and check how they have designed and created the whole project.
  2. Ask your potential candidates for a backup strategy. Let’s suppose you have hired one developer or a team of developers for a project, what happens when some emergency renders them incapacitated? You cannot stop the project obviously so having a backup strategy is a wise move to protect your investment.
  3. Technology keeps evolving and so should your app. With every new software update, the performance of your app should only improve. So ask your developers about their work process and how they handle maintenance and incorporate upgrades.
  4. Setting up a price plan is of phenomenal importance because when it comes to hiring professional, both versions you have heard are true:
  • a. More honey sweetens the pot so the more you spend the greater your final app would be
  • b. You can get a true professional on a budget effective amount.

So you need to keep the bids high enough so that truly worthy candidates will apply but low enough that you don’t overspend your budget.

If you have been satisfied with all these scores then we are confident that you will find the rightMagento Developer, PHP Developer etc. We also have a final suggestion that instead of risking your project with a freelancer, hire your dedicated developers from established mobile app development companies like DevBatch.