Technology has caused massive enhancements in our lifestyles; making it seem like there is barely any time left for any activities, tasks and work to be completed on time. However, if used properly, the same technology can be the source of saving our time. For instance, when calling for a taxi on the road, people usually waste a lot of time that could have spent somewhere else.

But with the latest technology, business owners can make sure that people book a taxi to ensure a means of transportation to and from meetings, corporate events, and even our friend’s kid’s birthday parties. For such reasons, it’s a major necessity to ensure the lack of transportation does not become the reason behind people’s absence from any event, no matter how minor its importance. So, to help taxi owners triple their sales, we bring a solution, TaxiApp.

With the slogan “Think outside the Box???, TaxiApp is the web and mobile application, developed in native for Android and iOS devices. The application consists of three parts: the passenger app, the driver app, and the administration app. The passenger app or the front end app is for customers who will use it to order a taxi. The driver app is for the taxi drivers who will accept taxi orders from their customers and keep track of their customers with all the specifications of destination, time, rates, etc.

The third part, the back end part of the application, is the administration app used by the taxi businesses to keep a track of their team of drivers. Admin can check business statistics, and all the events happening in their vicinity, client and customers notifications, and much more.

We provide taxi owners and taxi businesses, a marketplace for their services where they can be available for jobs as soon as a customer orders a taxi anywhere in UK or USA. Customers get to choose the level of transportation and the driver of their preference. They can choose any vehicle, from a basic taxi cab to even a limousine for their travel, anywhere in UK and USA. The passenger app also enables the customer to view all their taxi orders and specifications, whether the past, current or booked taxis.

Passenger App Features

The passenger app is the front end app for all TaxiApp customers/passengers in need of a taxi. This can be user’s new virtual best friend and will always be there for transportation in UK and USA, providing the best driver’s and vehicles of customer’s choice.

Features of the Passenger App

  1. Sign Up Sign up on TaxiApp using either of the following
    1. Connect via your Facebook account
    2. Create a new account
  2. Pick Up Location Choose the location you are to be picked at
    1. Frequent The frequent pick-up locations you have used in the past
    2. Foursquare
    3. Google Places / Map
  3. Drop Off Location Choose the location of your destination
    1. Frequent The frequent destinations from past bookings
    2. Foursquare
    3. Google Places / Map
  4. Booking Type Set the type of booking you prefer
    1. Full day booking Sends request to all nearby drivers and the driver app shows a calling screen with passenger review, stars, pickup and drop off addresses. Drivers can receive a call and if he accepts, the passenger will see that the driver is coming on their map.
    2. Advance Booking In advance booking driver can request booking for future
    3. Normal Booking In full day booking drivers can be hired on their full day prices.
  5. Chatting Feature Passenger can chat with drivers and can send him messages, audio messages; passengers can also have chat with multiple drivers.

Driver App Features

The driver app in taxi booking application is for drivers. It shows them all the specifications of their prospective clients, in this case, the passengers, along with their preferences and locations. They also have the ability to interact with other drivers using the application.

Features of the Driver App

  1. Visibility The taxi drivers can select their visibility area and make themselves available or unavailable according to their preferences.
  2. Map and Chat Feature The drivers can go on the map to see nearby drivers and can chat with them.
  3. Passenger Interaction When the driver receives a call, they will see the passenger name, image, rating, distance, pick-up and drop-off locations, and the option to accept or reject the order.
  4. Finding the available drivers
  5. Driver approaching scenarios.
  6. Boarding process
  7. Ride cancellation scenarios and actions for those
  8. During ride features
  9. Driver and passenger review and rating system

Admin Panel Features

The Admin panel is for the taxi businesses. As an owner, you can keep a track of all your employees, the drivers, and all the happenings and events where you may find potential customers in need of your services.

Features of the Admin Panel / Admin App

  1. Statistics and Reports for
    1. Drivers
    2. User
    3. Trips
    4. Company Revenue
  2. List and details of currently active drivers
  3. List and details of currently ongoing trips
  4. Complaints sent against company drivers
  5. Disciplinary actions on drivers and passengers
  6. Heat map of all drivers
  7. Live feed of nearby events
  8. Notification to all clients of the company
  9. Approval systems
  10. Weekly and monthly payment invoicing system
  11. Emailing system

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