The goal of iOS app development services being offered by a developer is to get featured in the app store. But how to go about it? I mean, sure there is a whole iOS app development and optimization process in play but in this article, we have summarized a few tips to ensure that your app catches the Apple’s eye.

Expert iOS app developers create amazing apps which then, get amazing reviews, but still, sometimes Apple ignores your app. It’s not a reflection on your proficiency of iOS app development services, you only need to consider these following tips:

Your app has to be“really something”

All the optimization in the world won’t get you Apple’s favor if your app is faulty or heaven forbid Average! You need an app that’s unmatched by any and all, even if offers the same functionality as many others. Make it in a way that it revamps the functions because then it will become the signature of your brand. Apple is picky and the only thing that appeals to it is highest quality development skills.

Flaunt your soft-launch metrics

Apple should be able to discern how your app is unique or better than all others available. You can do this by exploiting your user retention/feedback data, average revenue per user and average ratings.

Your app should be well-acquainted with latest tools & technology

Keep your app accustomed to all latest operating system updates. If you can you should make it integrated with Apple Watch as well. If you successfully integrate with iOS operating systems, gamepad or Apple Watch then let Apple know.

Use seasons to your advantage

Apple does seem to love apps with seasonal updates and you as a developer should take benefit of the fact. Give your app a Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas decor. You can adjust these updates to match Apple’s editorial calendar to keep pace with suitable local holidays and you will get noticed.

Run a strong marketing campaign on top websites

Let mediums like Facebook or Instagram know your app is coming and don’t cheap out. Grand openings tend to help you get the market’s favor and with that, you can have hopes to be taken into consideration by the app store.

Why Apple Feature Apps Anyway?

Mobile applications undoubtedly play an enormous role in creating the appeal for iPhone and other devices. Without them, why would anyone use these devices? Apple earns hundreds of, millions of dollars from the App Store thanks to iOS application development services contributed by iOS developers worldwide. And to protect those profits, Apple maintains a healthy showcase of useful apps by featuring them in store and acknowledging their quality.

In the latest App Store version, the menu includes aFeaturedtab. And with the latest iOS 11 App Store updates, featured apps will be curated by editors in multiple mediums. This development makes all iOS app vie with each other to get highlighted and so it should be because rewards of being featured are great indeed.