Why the UberHype? Let’s Look At a Realistic Face of the Company Operating in 633 Cities World-Wide

It’s understandable that you wish to launch a company through an Uber-like app development since it’s been steadily growing to become a worldwide phenomenon. Everyone has heard of Uber and most of them have used it, even those who claimed to hate it. And why not, Uber has given countless people with a convenient means of transport, not to mention an incredible employment opportunity which is flexible.

People are free to work on their own hours and make cash when they need it because Uber made it possible. But that’s only driver’s point of view, customers of Uber on the other hand like the anonymity, the freedom to travel at all hours. Regular cab drivers incite mistrust in people generally when they take shady routes or use tactics to extract more fee. Uber drivers are regular courteous people who aren’t curious about their riders. Plus they cost less!

Uber is famous because they created a brand new economy like AirBnB. Sure they had their own HI’s and low’s but they did something new and people loved it. The gross revenue Uber generated in 2016 reached 20 billion dollars.

Are you wondering if Uber is so great why should you build an app just like it? Sure Uber was great and everything. But the truth is, it also messed up. If you refer to the graph, you can see that with the progress of Uber through 2012 to 2016, the loss rate has also soared with the revenue, which obviously means that the company is in trouble (not saying crisis) but it’s not a stable operation. But of course, a bad financial year can always be reversed. These stats are just to show you that there is an opportunity in the market formore taxi appvendors, take Uber’s competitor in the USA for example, Lyft is thriving.

Here are 6 ways you can beat Uber at their own game:

Let’s share some tips on how your business of taxis can compete with Uber and maybe emerge a winner:

  • If your operation lacks resources to compete with the internationally spread Uber, you just might use your advantage. You know how? By making your operation not a means to an end, rather by making it an incredible experience. (People who used Uber often rose concerns about privacy issues and mistreatment of drivers, you can target what they are doing wrong and improve on it)
  • There are all sorts of fun experiments you can do with your app and operation in general by incorporating local festivals and seasons by personalizing your service delivery.
  • You can beat Uber or any othertaxi business like Ubergiant on the local business ground. You know your people habit, use them to lure them.
  • Privacy is important. Let me repeat that. PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT. Secure the customer and driver database.
  • Ensure that all your fleet is in perfect condition. Run checks on your driver’s background and don’t cheat them out what you owe them.
  • Your pricing should be feasible even if it means you won’t be rich anytime soon. Nobody will use your app if they get cheaper service elsewhere.

How Best To Launch Your Transportation Business?

Before You Start Your Business, Do Your Research

Check if:

  • Your market needs another taxi booking app? Or if they would prefer to have a new one?
  • Who is currently dominating the taxi business in your area?
  • Have you specified long-term and short-term plans?
  • Do you own enough resources or if you can acquire them when needed?
  • Have you resources to launch a full-blown marketing campaign?

The fastest and the smoothest way to launch your company is an app. Get a developer for acustomized business app. While your app is getting ready you should consider teaming up with a car company or a taxi company by offering them something in return. That way you will have cars available when your brand hits the market.