Mobile applications development for multiple platforms without writing separate codes has been a concern for quite some time. PhoneGap has solved the issue by serving to be an ideal framework for apps that need to run on multiple devices like Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Palm. PhoneGap beautifies apps development with easiest technologies like HTML and Javascript, and working in combination with jQuery simply acts like the cherry on top of a chocolate cake.
While PhoneGap simplifies development, jQuery enables you to create attractive apps with native-looking transitions and effects. Now while we are discussing how PhoneGap & jQuery create the magic in combination, there are a few errors/exceptions one might encounter as well. One very common error is Application terminated/stopped unexpectedly, to solve this problem make sure you copy the “XML’ directory from the Android SDK into the “res’ folder of the project. Another error that often occurs is whitening / blackened screen right when we start the application. There are multiple reasons for this error but usually, it’s a javascript error or an effort to run the code before the device is ready. If the code involves Ajax calls, one needs Android permissions ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and INTERNET enabled in the AndroidManifest.XML file.
A very nice video by Terry Ryan (Worldwide Developer Evangelist) is available at the link below to help you create your simple apps with PhoneGap and jQuery.