Before we address the “how to make mobile apps part, let’s take a look at WHY do people create apps in the first place? Do they want to enlist themselves in the long line of successful entrepreneurs? Or maybe years of experience in a field has taught them enough about a subject that they feel the need to share this knowledge? It might be that they are none of those things, they just have an idea that they feel would capture a target market and people would appreciate it. Many apps have contributed to created new industries or contribute to the present industries and reforming them towards a more profitable revenue rate. Examples of many successful business and game mobile apps ideas that made their creators millions of dollars:

  1. Angry Birds; The gaming app that took the world by storm after making debut in 2009.
  2. Uber-like apps, for example, has revolutionized the rental taxi business and people love them.
  3. Instagram; is a photo sharing app that made people obsessed with it. Not to mention that it also changed how media agencies operate. Now all media events are live covered live on Instagram, in addition to other apps.
  4. Spotify; with a song library over 13 million records, Spotify is the ultimate music app. It offers high quality and original soundtracks from all famous musicians.
  5. WhatsApp; Another revolutionary app that changed how people communicate. True, there are thousands of apps now that are like WhatsApp but none get the same fame as this chat app that offers video and audio call features.

Other apps that wrought many millions for their creators include; Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Shazam, Amazon, Texas Hold’em Poker, Kindle etc.

Now that you have seen how build your own app can indeed be an exciting option that promises huge monetary benefits if it takes on but we must warn you it is a rather competitive field of business. Many new mobile app development ideas don’t have much substance in them and they fail to get the proper attention. Many apps that become instantly popular lose their attraction over time and get shelved in app stores. There are some apps that are always in-demand and have a loyal following and those are the apps you should opt for. There are also business apps that facilitate customers and employee interactions, these apps offer a steady business opportunity.

Here is a simpler guide to building your own app but it might not be a feasible strategy for all situations but it’s a comprehensive solution for how to make a mobile app that’s exclusively yours.

  • What’s your app idea & what do you hope to achieve with it?

If you have an idea about a mobile app that you think is worth building an app for, the next step is to define an outline of the project. You need to answer questions like which problems is it going to solve or who the app is going to target, which solution is this app going to offer. A great way to generate an idea about an app is to consider a problem that you hear people complaining about and then create a solution for it.

  • Do your homework

So you have an app idea but is there even a market for it? You can determine this by using search engine database (Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool is a good start). Search how many people are searching solutions for the problem you are concerned with. Always have a web page developed for your app because all the related details are hardly present in app stores. You also need to provide people another way to download your app. You can hire a dedicated developer to design your web page when you build your own app.

  • Sketch Away

Now that you have an idea and a prime target market, now comes the time for laying out the outline for your app on paper. You can do this by using a wireframing tool if we are being thorough. Be as creative and detailed as you can. Add the flow of the app and features that a user will be able to navigate. This app map will help your dedicated developerbuild your own appexactly as the way you want it.

  • Cut the Chafe

Once you have a ground map for your app. Next comes the cutting of the chafe. You need to focus on the base idea. Remove any other features that can be later added to the app as an update. That way when you can keep your app exciting for a longer duration of time, not to mention the fact that it will cost less and penetrate market faster.

  • Consider Design As Well

We understand that you want a straightforward app at the beginning that doesn’t include any ornamentation. But you should know that when it comes to mobile app development, a design is much more than how an app looks. It’s about what kind of user experience your app is offering and how your app actually works. You need a talented UX/UI developer that can make an app be user-friendly by making technology easy.

  • Hire dedicated developer

You can reach out to an established software or mobile app development firm that has great resources are is willing to outsource them. Go online and run background checks on these resources. Download their apps and use them to familiarize yourself with their work and to determine if they are viable options. They can do the coding and the designing for your app and you can supervise them, each step of the way.

  • Buy a Developer’s Account

Register for a developers’ account in a store you want your app to be represented in. Google Play will cost you 25$ and Apple 99$ per year. You can register yourself as an individual or as a company if you have one.

  • Don’t Forget to Use Analytics

These store analytics can help you maintain a log of downloads, retention rates and user engagement for your mobile apps. There are free and paid analytic tools available for you to choose from.

  • Gather Feedback

Once your app is submitted to the store and is the life you can analyze the user’s response to make any improvements that you deem appropriate for your app. These enhancements will be constant and you can keep an eye on user’s response to cater to their demands.

  • Add Features

Remember the “chafe’? Now that basic version of your app is up and running, now is the time to introduce the remaining features. You can add them to promote user’s interest and get instant feedback. This will also help your app to remain in the spotlight.


If you are disappointed in this article as you never learned how to make apps in detail like coding in such. I am afraid that’s because I rather suggest you don’t try to make the app yourself andhire a dedicated developer for coding. Why may you ask? It is so you don’t get burnt by your inexperience because mobile app development is a complex process that cannot be learned with a tutorial. At least not effectively.