Did you know that WordPress powers 27% of the internet?

According to a survey conducted by netcraft, over 75,000,000 of websites are using WordPress out of 172 Million total active websites.

Not to mention that WordPress is a growing platform. Every day it is working to become more flexible to users’ needs. Being the most popular CMS system, it’s offering a wide range of functionalities. Yet what all you hear people say is; Isn’t WordPress for blogging? Well, no. If you are in the market to hire dedicated WordPress developer, you should know the strengths of this platform.

WordPress is a magical open source technology that’s offering you to create all manners of websites you can think up. Based on PHP & MySQL, this platform has made development so easy that it’s hard to filter quack developers in the market today. Most of them are “experienced’ in advanced level WordPress programming or that’s what they will tell you after watching a few tutorials.

Pro Tip: Don’t give in to the temptation to hire WordPress developer who knows nothing about themes or plugin development, if you want to do any kindness to your business.

As for the misconceptions about the WordPress platform, here’s what we want you to know as dedicated WordPress developers:

Misconception #1: WordPress is Just for Blogging:

This myth was spread because of a marketing error that projected WordPress as a blogging platform. Recently, this error has been eliminated but the damage is her and it’s likely to be heled over time. So any idea you have can and will be achieved in WordPress if you hire WordPress developer who’s worth his/her salt.

Misconception #2: WordPress isn’t suitable for enterprises & big money

That’s a myth which has been given birth to by misconception #1. How can a blogging CMS system be good for big leagues? But that’s too 2008. WordPress is all grown up now and offers tools & amazing API which ensures faster development. WP development is also scalable which makes it ideal for bigger projects.

New York Post, USA Today Sports & Facebook are some of the major names that chose WP.

Misconception #3: WordPress is Free

If you believe that WP is free or otherwise, you are wrong in both situations. Yes, WP is paid and yes it’s free. Here is how:

  • com is free.
  • org is paid as it’s for professional use.

Best practice is to learn the difference between the two and then decide which works best for you.

Misconception #4: WordPress Has Security Issues

Of course given the fact that WP is an open source technology which means that anyone can access the code and find a loophole to release a malware. This threat is common on the web and not limited to WP. But there are steps you can take to prevent that from happening. Like you can disable PHP execution, limit login attempts, hide your directory or engage security services like Sucuri.

Misconception #5: WordPress Has a Generic, Boring Look

If you hire dedicated WordPress developer with dated WP knowledge, he might lead you towards the classic look that so many people think is linked to all WordPress sites. This classic look offers a title header, tagline on the left, navigation strip underneath, and a sidebar.

However, this CMS has evolved to a point where you can design more flexible and modern looking sites. For example:

  1. Fair Ivy
  2. Blue Cadet
  3. Angry Birds
  4. Katy Perry
  5. Da Ink

Misconception #6: The Premium Themes of WordPress Are Over-priced

Premium themes on WP are available for 50$ and that might sound like a lot of money but you know what can cost you more? Having a theme that’s being used by 100’s of other sites.

Think that can’t happen? Remember the 75,000,000 figure? So it CAN happen.

Premium themes come with their own tutorials and support forums to help you customize it to your own needs. You can also get regular update release in that 50$ amount for a premium website experience.

Misconception #7: WordPress Themes Are Complicated & Non-customizable

If you hire dedicated WordPress developer then you can truly engage your audience on a unique level with a custom designed, artful website layout.

This misconception is in relation to one before it. People think that because WP sites are developed with already built themes, they might be difficult to customize. But like we said, WP is an easy to use the platform and you can customize the front end, back end, and design to include or exclude characteristics to suit your own brand.

Pro-Tip: Use White Labelled Plugins to tailor the look and feel of your website to match your brand theme.

Misconception #8: WordPress Doesn’t Support Large E-commerce Stores

Small-scale e-commerce site developers use WordPress plugins like WooCommerce to develop e-stores. But when it comes to enterprise-level stores, they tend to incline towards Shopify which is really not necessary.

WordPress can eCommerce site of any level even if it’s not a dedicated platform like Shopify or BigCommerce. The main advantages of using WordPress for e-commerce site development are:

  • You get finer control on hosting, plugin choice, customizability & extendibility.
  • Extended functionality through the use of plugins.
  • Being a powerful CMS, it offers built-in strong publishing capabilities.

Misconception #9: WordPress Isn’t Responsive

We hear people say that WP can’t support the modern web functionality but that’s not true. If you develop your theme to be responsive then obviously it would respond on mobiles and tablets. You can also have your developers create custom plugins for this very reason. They can create plugins to manage the content, the design, and responsive integrity. But in order to do that, you should (again) hire dedicated WordPress developer who KNOWS what’s he doing.

Misconception #10: Google Gives WordPress A Cold Shoulder

SEO is important for any site. It’s a matter of business’s survival. If you believe that WordPress sites get bad SEO scores then you are sorely mistaken. You can use plugins like SEO Yoast, All In One SEO Pack etc.


You can create any genre of business, social or personal website on WordPress and if it’s effective, it will get you traffic. In fact, educational sites are preferring WP in spite of all their complicated systems and are working flawlessly. Don’t hesitate or build bias against a platform based on common myths.