Whether it’s a Fundraiser, Annual Conference, Achiever’s Dinner, Sales Moot, Concert, Convocation or a School Event, one thing that we always complain about is the long queue of people.
We all know that event management is a restless exercise for many days in a row. This is quite evident in the events of even those event management companies who are in the event planning and event booking business from many years. Infact, as event management business grows, the queues get longer too. In that case, companies need more and more human resources to manage their events particularly sports events, concerts, and world congresses.
The average number of attendees in any mega event all across the world are 50,000+ which means that you can expect a long queue of people at any time during the event on registration desk. This is a need of the hour and a real pain for the event managers.
Did you ever wonder to increase your business profits by managing these queues and getting registrations as many as possible and that too in no time?

Mobicon App A Mobile application for Events Registration

DevBatch a mobile application development company decided to solve this issue and come up with an amazing app for event registration. This app also serves the purpose of an app for event planning and booking.


Some of the amazing features of Mobicon app are as follows:

Login Option For Registered Users:

People who have already registered with the event can login into the Mobicon app and can check their status of registration and payment. This helps them to keep up-to-date with the event activities.

Register Option For Interested Attendees:

Mobicon App has a beautiful and user friendly layout for all those people who are interested in attending your event. All they have to do is click the button of register and fill the form.

Complete Profile of Event Attendees:

Event managers can check the profiles of all the attendees at any given time. Attendee profiles has a lot of information like title, first name, last name, contact numbers, email addresses, picture, institution, designation, payment status and much more. App users can either maintain the profiles of existing entries or can submit a new entry.

If User Paid or Not?

Mobicon app users can check the payment status of attendees at the time of their event and update in case of on-spot payment or complimentary participation. Only admin has the control of changing the payment status depending on the situation.

Take Picture of the Attendee at the Spot:

This amazing feature of the app allows your registration team at ticket desk or booth to take the picture of the attendee at the spot with the built-in camera of your tablet, which he or she can update in the attendee profile at the run time.

QR Code Scanning

Usually attendee get their tickets and badges before time to avoid the hassle on the day of the event. Each ticket or badge has a unique QR code which can easily be scanned using QR code scanner option of Mobicon app. This helps the registration desk team to identify if the attendee exists in the event database or not, and fake attendee can be avoided in this way.

Print Delegate Badges:

This is again an important feature for event registration team at desk. Mobicon appis integrated with any universal printer and user can send the printer with just one click.

Search Attendees

Mobican app users has the option to search in the database of the event and find the credentials and status of any attendee. Users can even search by using theunique mobile number of the attendee or QR code on the badge.

Attendance Reports

Mobicon offers two layers of access controls to its users, the normal login and the admin web panel login. Normal login has all the above mentioned features and can be used by anyone who is authorized. The web panel of the Mobicon app offers lot more features like attendance reports, forecasts, payment status updates etc. Attendance reports provide amazing facts like total number of guests, total number of paid, total number of complimentary guests and much more.

Devices Supported by Mobicon App:

Mobicon app is supported by almost all the major tablets available in the market i.e.Android Tablets,iPad,BlackBerry Tab,Windows Tab,Amazon Kindle and others.
In the nutshell, Mobicon app adds the value not only just to your event but also to your business growth and profits. Start using Mobicon app today and get the most out of your events. Mobicon app makes sure that each of your concert is out-sell, annual sales conference is attended by all the employees, and standium is full of crowd.
With Mobicon app, comes many benefits such as;

  • All-in-One app for all major event categories
  • The only mobile app available in the market with most features
  • 24/7 Support
  • User friendly
  • Simple to understand interface
  • Easy to handle and train your ushers
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  • Beautiful and sophisticated layout
  • Customize layout and design as per your needs