With the advent of new technologies in the mobile apps, development companies from all over the globe are now supporting online businesses, retails, shop owners, service providers to get their products and services online via state of the art mobile apps. One can say that it’s the only eCommerce which has triggered huge growth in the mobile app development companies. With the abundance of tablets, smartphones, and handy digital devices are proving to be a main driving force to the tremendous demand for mobile apps both from a domestic user perspective and commercial users’ viewpoint. Figures have shown that web traffic emanating out of the mobiles has increased 6% from 2011 to 2012 has increased. There is no way out than to have perfect mobile app for increased sales, ROI, and profits that are cross-compatible and could run on as many as possible devices.
It’s more than appropriate for themobile app development companiesoffering e-Commerce mobile apps solutions that presenting a mobile product or justifying the price isn’t enough. Companies App Marketing Head must prove that mobile app they developed clearly understand the customer behavior, app navigational structure is in the flow and products or service rendering button are decent and clearly at a prominent space with appropriate headings. This covers all the UI/UX part of the mobile and helps customer understand the mobile app would definitely help improve their business and their brand would have a more effective impression on their customers coming out of the smartphones mobile web traffic.
In a perfect mobile app developed to cater the needs business owners desiring more sales, there must be the integration of social media links for customer feedback, reviews or comments. Amobile app development companydevising solution that focuses robust and features rich mobile app development must have diverse professional and developers to bring effective eCommerce solutions
Mobile App is Must Have for Ecommerce Solutions
We are living in the high tech world where people have a smartphone, tabs, tablets and lot of handy electronic gauges. Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives and not just confined to talk, text, playing games or to surf the web, but these are helping us to save our time, money and effort by the eCommerce features that give us opportunity to buy online anything that we want from needle to cars, from kitchen stuff to wide industrial stuff everything in now available online. All that it takes you smart search via the internet, find an online store which offers the online product that we need or a service we want to subscribe and pay via credit or debit card instantly. So with the development of mobile apps for android, iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, the scope of eCommerce has phenomenally increased.
Scope of Mobile Ecommerce App
Whether Native or Cross-Platform any Mobile App that is designed to handle online sale or service must present the product in a decent way, focusing on graphics, high quality convincing precise but informative content that silently delivers a call to action to generate a sale. Customers having a mobile app can browse the product either by verbal instruction, typing it or just by touching the screen. It is estimated that in coming years sales generated by mobile web traffic would increase to more than 25 times.
Most prominent edge of an e-commerce mobile app is always ready to mass inform if a new product is launched or any associated scheme has just introduced.
The scope of the e-commerce mobile app is very high as it helps at:

  • App users can Shop from anywhere, irrespective of location
  • Customer feedback could be done with just a request from online survey
  • Tracking customer behaviors can be done easily

Developing Mobile App for Top Mobile Technologies
The existing mobile platforms like iOS for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone also gives developers a challenge with a huge number of different types of devices. They need to test different mobile devices to examine the overall look and feel of the mobile app. This really challenges the mobile e-commerce app development bit more complicated than just simply taking a website to its mobile version.
Building the Best Mobile User interface
The user interface has a key importance in developing an eCommerce mobile app. user interface must be in full harmony the traffic which the app is targeting. The ease of use, buttons at appropriate places and no complicity should be there while reaching a landing page and checkout process should go ahead in minimum step yet not compromising on mandatory info needed to charge the money. Attractive user interface attracts more customer thus more sales resulting in more profits for the entrepreneur. Mobile apps whose user experience in not optimized would stress out a customer to leave the app without fulfilling its objective.