Almost everybody has a phone, even if it is not a smartphone yet. If you are like me you might not be the biggest fan of website facilitating social networking. Good old social networking was done like this.
There are dozens and dozens of social media websites currently in existence. That is even if you disregard ever growing category of social mobile apps. But none of the websites or apps are complete. There is no single place for users to track every aspect of their social lives.
While Facebook has the biggest user base and is arguably the best social tool available but it doesn’t give you the full picture either. You can update status, post photo/video, like a post or even chat but that doesn’t cover your social technological world. Users also interact through Phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram and zillion of other methods.
In an ideal world, your social app will help you keep track of everything under one umbrella. But there’s a big problem.
Different vendor monopolies don’t let that happen. The famous debacle of 2010 between Google and Facebook over data usage resulted in a loss of both sides’ users. Apple implies its core genes of protection have not made call history accessible and that can be accessed only through certain improvised methods.
There had been calls for inter-app-portability.

As iOS evolves, it continues to empower developers with new capabilities for enriching the lives of our users on a daily basis. Allowing apps to be smarter about exposing data to and consuming data from other applications would be a natural progression. By providing dynamic inter-app communication, iOS would allow developers to focus on what makes their particular applications great. For users, a seamless integration of services would make our ever-increasing time spent on mobile devices more productive.

And this is needed. Users must have the ability to get over the egos of vendors and should be able to track their data through a unified service of their liking. So next time I want to track my interaction with someone I should be able to see a consolidated view of data from my call log, SMS, facebook, other social sites and apps at one single place.
This will enable new opportunities as well as this will be the true social graph.