According to a recent survey by Forrester’s Consumer Technographics, it is revealed its only loyalty programs which top the list in promoting and sales of Mobile Apps their ratio is 46%

Then comes Mobile Apps Retailers their ratio is 28% and afterward there comes flash or rather instant sales when a mobile app becomes available online and their share is 26%.

18% share goes to multi-retailer coupon apps. Surprisingly there is almost no effect of sales driving with the inception of any new technology.

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Mobile Sales Drivers: Loyalty Rewards 46%, App 28%, Flash Sales 26%

To drive sales, some aspects of mobile obviously work better than others.

The question for retailers, of course, is which work best.

As might be expected, loyalty/rewards programs are at the top of the list in the eyes of retailers, according to a new report.

The majority (64%) of retailers see their loyalty/reward program as among the best ways to connect with consumers during their shopping experience, according to the study by Forrester Research for SPS Commerce, a cloud service company.

This was followed by the retailer mobile app (56%) and flash sales (32%).

The study comprised a market analysis from Forrester’s Consumer Technographics Retail Online Benchmark survey and data from a survey of 50 managers and executives at retailers with 500 or more employees conducted by Forrester.

To drive sales, loyalty programs also top the list. Here are the most effective sales drivers, in the view of retailers:

46% ” Loyalty/rewards programs
28% ” Retailer app
26% ” Flash sale opportunities
18% ” Multi-retailer coupon apps
14% ” In-store QR code promotions
6% ” BLE/proximity-based promotions
6% ” Multi-retailer apps
Interestingly, the study also included the list of technologies that have no effect on sales, in the view of the retailers. Here’s what they see has to have no effect on driving sales:

22% ” In-store QR code promotions
18% ” Flash sale opportunities
16% ” BLE/proximity-based promotions
16% ” Multi-retailer apps
14% ” Multi-retailer coupon apps
6% ” Loyalty/rewards programs
6% ” Retailer app
For a mobile wallet, at least from the customer viewpoint, getting a deal is ahead of everything else desired, as we see in numerous other studies. Here’s what customers using mobile say they most want in a mobile wallet:

44% ” Coupons, discounts, special offers
39% ” Price comparisons for items desired to buy
38% ” Loyalty program points and rewards
37% ” Product information
36% ” Ratings and product reviews
34% ” Location-based offers
31% ” Digital receipts
29% ” Multiple payment options
27% ” Banks account or card information