Enterprises are struggling hard to maintain their market presence by trying out various and unique marketing methodologies. However, all businesses that are targeting web to be the main platform for selling and marketing their products cannot ignore the massive growth of the mobile industry. Websites are being optimized by various app and software development companies for hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets.

When we’re preparing for launching an app, there are several questions that come to our minds like what platform we should choose? Optimize only the website so it is accessible via mobiles? Build a hybrid solution? Should the business have a dedicated application? What to present to the mobile community and what is not accessible on mobiles? All these questions help us make a very important decision that serves to be the foundation of the business operation i.e. whether we should go for a native application or a web application?
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Listed below are some pointers for you to be able to decide what suits you more:

Mobile Web Applications

Mobile web apps are the browser based apps that offer accessibility on all platforms. All smartphones, tablets and other hand held devices that offer browsing can have the web apps run smoothly. Web application development is being done by three major technologies including CSS, HTML and Java Scripting.

Why you should select Web apps:

-Cross platform compatibility

-Reach the target audience without any hassles of downloading and selecting the right source

-The cost is relatively lesser

-Easy to navigate

-Built faster as compare to native apps

-Very less device-specific customization is required

-Approach is standardized and universal

Some Reservations you need to keep in mind

-We all know that mobile browsers have a limited functionality therefore your app might have a limited set of features

-The mobile web applications work fine on major platforms like Apple, Android and Windows but give problems on other platforms such as disturbing the GUI. Normally you require some detailed customizations to be able to make the app compatible with all the browser versions.

-Web apps can hardly access the device hardware, which reduces or eliminates the use of camera and the GPS functionality.

-Intricate Graphics are not supported

-Dependency on Internet for the speed of app, have to compromise with the slow speed

-Limited or no access without Wi-Fi coverage, if the app is built using HTML5 then you might be able to use it offline.

Mobile Native ApplicationsServices

Native applications are the specialty applications that are designed and programmed for specific devices such as iPhone, Android phones, and Blackberry and Window phones. Native apps are downloaded from the web stores of the corresponding platforms rather than a browser. These apps act as one of the programs running on your phone by default. Mobile application development companies have actually started categorizing themselves based on their platform expertise.

The native application development is being done by using programming languages such as Objective C, Java and other similar programming languages. The top mobile app developers are focusing on mastering a specific platform to be able to place them in the market more strategically.

Why you should select Native applications

-Complete access to the device hardware such as camera and GPS functionality

-Integration with device software (such as calendar, emails, picture gallery, video gallery, home screen widgets, and contacts list) becomes really easy

-Usage of latest technology on a specific device / platform

-Great user experience due to complete access to the device software / hardware

-Application available / accessible all the time which means data transfer and all activities will go on even when you’re offline. No work interruption.

-Users get a better visibility as the native apps show a logo on your screen just like the default apps of your device

-All app stores intimate users about any type of upgrades being made to the apps, which gives you the chance to use the updated technology always

-Making money through a native app is a lot easier as compared to the web app because you list the app with price on the store and get paid immediately. This is not the case with web applications because they require a payment gateway to be set up.

-Much better branding; people like using apps specifically programmed to cater their specific need. As long as an app offers this help, different businesses are able to enjoy better branding of their products / solutions.

Some reservations you need to keep in mind

-Ongoing check and maintenance for updates and version upgrades of the device technologies

-Accessing one application on more than one platform means creating separate versions for each operating system as a result of which you need to do every single step from the scratch including designing, programming, upgrading, testing and deployment.

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