Website design and development is a fundamental need of any kind of business in today’s world. Just like you need an office to mark your representation in the industry and market, your website is your virtual room representing your presence in the world of internet. We are living in a digital era where the world is moving towards advancement in Information technology quite fast. This has increased the demand for web design andweb developmentmaking thousands of people switch their fields and start learning about website development.

There aredifferent kinds of websites and functionalities. One cannot be so sure of the prices until all the requirements, functionalities and details have been communicated properly. However, depending upon the type of website, one can make a rough estimate of the budget. Though the advancement has made development easy, the standards and complexity have also been advanced. Here are different kind of categories in website development that will cost you differently.

A very basic personal website

There was a time when web development was rare. Fewer people had this skill as demand was low. They used to charge quite a lot for a small simple website. The increase in technology has resulted in tools and frameworks that can help you manage web design and development by yourself. Yes, that’s pretty easy and you can make your own simple website without any techy guy involved. You can find many website builders that provide you drag and drop option for website development and already developed beautiful themes for the web design. Any person with little or no coding skills can make a website on a website builder.

Website builders are usually free, but if you want your customized website URL, they ask you to pay the hosting charges. These vary from site to site but they are usually between $3 $15 per month depending upon features and space etc.

A low-end professional website

If you are having a small business and you need to have a professional website, you need to hire an expert for that. Website builders may make you a great website, but if you want to do business with that website, you need to have a unique element in that. For this purpose, you need to have a unique web design. Web design costs more than web development because the design is the key factor in deciding how attractive, user-friendly and unique your website is.

If you have 5-6 pages website, with basic functionalities, it will cost you somewhere between $300 and $400. If you want to add some advanced plugins, design elements, forms and table the pages to 7-8, you must have $500 budget. Remember, this industry is very competitive. You will pay less, you will get less. If you will convince the developer on a very low rate, you might get a website, but you may not get a business from it and there is no use of a website if it is not bringing any business to you.

A high-end professional website

If you are planning on some super professional website using videos transmission, live cat setup, and similar complexities, you must have $1000 in your budget. You may think that 2016 will cost you less in website development because the skill is way very common and people usually agree on lower rates, but this is ironic. The expert developers and designers cannot be compared with the ones selling these services at totally unacceptable rates. If you need a secure website, that is not easy to hack and will have very fewer errors, you need to invest in it. If you settle for something less, it will keep on creating trouble and your web design and development will always demand much from you in maintenance and error fixing.


E-stores are quite common these days. If you are going to a basic e-store with a small catalog, a simple shopping cart with no much complexities, it will cost you $500-$800 depending upon size and effort. However, if you really want to break the ice with your venture and you are investing much in its social media campaign and all, invest in the website too. You can expect anything between $1000 and $4000. The more you are famous, the jealous will be your competitors. If you pay less for the website, it will be easy for them to pay more than that to your developer to take their site to a better level than yours.

These are just the rough estimate of the costs and does not include the domain, server, and content prices. If you are not going for the custom web design, you might need to buy a theme as well. Always rely on a professional and experienced developer for your web development. It might cost you more, but it’s worth it.