About National Railways of Zimbabwe

The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) was established in 1980. This Government owned rail system operates in accordance with the regulations and policies of the public sector, and is spread over 2760 kilometers all across Zimbabwe. The central location of Zimbabwe in Southern African Region gives it the ultimate importance and the main travelling source for people across the region.

Why Enterprise Mobility for Railways?

24/7 Support:

Your customers can book their seat at any time which means that you will receive booking 24/7

Reduced Workload of Management:

The management workload will be reduced by implementing a proper online reservation system. The good reservation system allows you to automatically check your seat availability, compare fare prices, automatic email system, and much. So, online booking system not only saves the time of the customer but also saves the costs for large management team to manage the simple tasks.

Customers Data Management:

Online Reservation system in Railways helps you in managing the complete data of all the customers in a structured way. Data will be saved in the servers automatically and can be accessed by the admin at any time with no additional time and cost.

Customers Life Made Easy:

Online Railways reservation systems ease the life of the customers. If your online reservation system is simple and layout is good, then customers can easily navigate through the system without human involvement.

Online Payment Integration:

E-commerce and online payment system integration in your online railways reservation system helps you in building all-in-one solution for the customers. Customers can not even reserve the seats but also pay through web portal.


No matter where are you currently and where do you want to go, you can book your seat at any time and from everywhere.

Cost Effective for both Travellers and Management:

Online railways reservation system helps you in saving the costs of the customers. Customers can choose which train is going through the shortest route to your destination with least fare. Similarly, management saves the ticket printing costs and many others.

Greener Planet:

With the online railways reservation system, management contributes to the greener planet by cutting down the printing of tickets.

Challenges Faced by National Railways of Zimbabwe

Expenditures are higher than earnings:

According to the sources, National Railways of Zimbabwe NRZ earns around US$225 000 which amounts to US$7 million per month. However, total expenditures per month are much higher than the total earnings. Total expenditure of NRZ per month are about US$10.5 million for fuel, salaries and spare parts.

Massive Infrastructure:

National Railways of Zimbabwe currently have massive infrastructure of about 65 locomotives, 3 271 wagons, 9 cabooses and 158 coaches. National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) last year moved 3.7 million tonnes of cargo and is currently being operated by 7000+ management staff.

Economic Slump:

Due to the recent economic slump in Zimbabwe, NRZ was in serious danger to collapse due to their higher costs and less buying power of the customers. Trains are still the cheapest way of travelling in Zimbabwe. So, it is expected to be a huge rise in the number of customers in coming months.

With less resources, government of Zimbabwe needs to manage the massive amounts of customers flow every day. They needed a diverse and dynamic online reservation system which can serve the purpose.

DevBatch as Web Development and Online Reservation System Provider

DevBatch is providingenterprise mobility solutionsince 2010.

Similarly, online railways reservation system byDevBatchis a completely dynamic and comprehensive system which can be utilized in the reservation offices of the railways. It helps in the improvements and efficiency in the current railways structures.

It is a digital service that revolutionizes the rail experience throughout the world.

DevBatch critically analysed the existing issues in the railways structures and came up with state of the art web based online railways reservation system.

DevBatch’s online reservation system is perfect replacement for the old record keeping method and comes up with the following amazing features:

Improved Accessibility:

It can be accessed by any authorized person from anywhere and can be installed and used on any device or operating system.

Online Availability:

Public can access this system by logging on to the official website of the railways.

Call Centre Support:

The system is fully integrated with the call centre solutions so that customers can call on the go and can be heard at any time of the day.

Mobile SMS Support:

It includes SMS alerts for confirmation of the seats and changing in the train timings.

Data Backup:

An additional back-end system to back-up the data of the customers.

Online Payment:

Full e-commerce module integrated into the system using which anyone can purchase the tickets.

Trains and Boogies Management:

It includes managing all the trains of the railways including number of trains, type of each train, and number of seats in each train.

Discounts Display:

Discounts can be displayed on the website will the criteria to utilize those discounts

Tickets Reservation:

Passengers can reserve the seats using this system.

Tickets Cancellation:

Passengers can also cancel the reservation by logging on to the website.

Smart Admin Panel with dynamic dashboard:

Administrator of the system i.e. Railways Management can view the changes recently made in the dashboard.


Management can analyse the tickets reservation over the time and can prepare some eye-catching reports to analyse.

Multi-lingual Support:

This system also support multiple languages. It can easily be modified with your native language.

DevBatch Provides Enterprise Mobility Service to National Railways of Zimbabwe

Recently, DevBatch provided online reservation system to the National Railways of Zimbabwe.

In the first stage, DevBatch designed and developed a web portal using which NRZ passengers can reserve and book seats through their online portal.

In the second stage, DevBatch developed an admin panel for up-to 10 levels of hierarchy in the operations and ticketing department. Admin panel allows the NRZ ticketing staff to issue, book and reserve tickets using a web based system, finance department to monitor the costs, and logistics department to deliver the tickets.

This web based online reservation system for NRZ passengers and management has the following features:

-Register with the website
-Login to the website
-View train schedules
-View available tickets on a given schedule
-Reserve, Book and Print the ticket