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A complete workout system aiding weight loss by providing a simple walking exercise program after the determination of caloric needs according to body type, age, weight, activity level and goals.

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A complete workout monitoring system helping fitness savvy peeps to optimize their performance for health goals achievement. Keep tracking your data on mobile (Android, iOS) & wearable devices. If you're an athlete, fitness trainer or healthcare startup, we can help tailor 'Pedometer app' the way you want.

This app operates proficiently on all kinds of modern devices running on iOS, android and windows. It acts just like physical pedometers which can primarily detect movement and therefore count steps. It displays all the relevant information about your walking sessions such as counting the steps, speed, showing the duration, distance covered, calories burned, steps taken per minute, history for previous sessions and a comprehensive report on total steps taken.

Who Can Benefit From Our Pedometer Application?

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Fitness forums, health care blogs, and workout web portals can also benefit from our pedometer application.

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Individual Users

People who are short on time can use this application to keep track of their exercise regime anytime anywhere!

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Health Care

For the treatment and healthcare of diabetics, cardiovascular & obesity patients, medical facilities can recommend them our app.

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Gym/Fitness Centers

Fitness centers & Gyms can use our pedometer app as part of their services subscription or get a customized one.

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Our "One Minute App" is beneficial for athletes who wish to keep account of steps taken and goals achieved.

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Personal Trainers

Our pedometer application helps professionals offering their fitness consultancy & services on an individual basis.

Pedometer App

Success Footprints

Not only individuals are achieving their health goals but market leaders in health & fitness sector have chosen our pedometer app development services to ensure efficient activity tracking for their clients.

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Advance capabilities to manage operations across devices from backend and analytics visualization.

Pedometer App

Are You A Fitness Fanatic? We Have Just What You Need!

The Pedometer App was initially a brainstormed idea to provide fitness solutions to people with remedies such as overweight, obesity and heart diseases. Through the hard work put in by our professionals, we developed an application, which could work as an all-round workout program. This application aids in weight loss and such health hazards, through simple exercises; drafted according to the weight, body type, age, goals and activity level of a user!

Your Very Own Workout Buddy!

The Pedometer Application is an all-round fitness tracking system, which aims towards helping fitness savvy individuals in achieving their goals; through optimizing their core strength. The application allows you to keep a track of all your progress, while on-the-go - in order to help you maintain your health wherever you go. Working as a live pedometer, this application calculates the activity and keeps a tab on all the steps taken.

The application shows a history of all the movement you have made, such as the number of steps taken, the total duration, the calories burned and the previous sessions. At DevBatch, we understand the importance of a fitness app for today’s market leaders and athletes. Hence, if you want a customized fitness application, our professionals can offer you a tailor-made application that fits your needs.

Who Can Benefit From Our Pedometer Application?

Not just athletes, fitness fanatics or people who are looking for a healthier lifestyle, the Pedometer app is perfect for anyone looking to achieve that perfect dream body. Find out how it can help YOU!

Online Startups

With the help of the Pedometer Application, numerous health forums, online platforms and health and fitness blog-sites can achieve a better understanding of the niche.

Fitness Fanatics

Perfect for the 9 to 5 desk job slaves, as this application allows users to keep a track of their fitness routine on-the-go.

Health Care Facilities

Many health centers and clinics can recommend this application and use it in their state-of-the-art facilities, in order to provide solutions to remedies such as diabetes, cardiovascular and obesity disorders!

Fitness Centers

Gyms and fitness centers can order a customized application same as the Pedometer, or offer the existing application as a part of their gym subscription.


We like to call it the ‘One Minute App’, as it allows athletes and such individuals to track their calories burned per minute, as well as goals achieved!

Personal Trainers

Professionals can offer their services on an individual basis, and use our application to help their clients achieve unimaginable results.

Success Footmarks

The Pedometer App for Android and for iOS is not just another mobile application looking to target your abs or your biceps, this proficient application works on your overall fitness, and helps you achieve the right body tone. Apart from those fitness enthusiasts out there, our Pedometer and Step Counter app for iOS has also been used by market leaders in the 21st Century health and fitness niche to outsource better guidance for their clients, and track their progress accordingly.

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Advance capabilities to manage operations across devices from backend and analytics visualization.


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