As the use of technology has a humungous growth ratio, so the focus is turning more and more to user interface and user experience in apps development. Companies are now concentrating on the effectiveness of apps and analyze their effectiveness that involves app usage. Recent analytical reports have suggested that there is a significant lack of communication between UI/UX Designer and Developers. And the exhaustive analytical study is not carried out to develop apps in such a friendly manner that actually brings more results. If someone has exceptional skills in project management, system analysis user interface and user experience that could ultimately lead him to a proper job in app development industry.

Here’s an excellent article on this topicoriginally published atLifehacker. Read on!

The App Development Jobs That Don’t Require Programming

Coding isn’t for everyone, but there are plenty of other tech and even development jobs that don’t require you to be an actual developer. If you love technology, but aren’t sure programming is right for you, explore some of these options too.

There’s much more to developing, launching, and maintaining software than just writing lines of code. MakeUseOf compiled a short list of tech jobs that work very close with developers to create applications and websites, but don’t require a programming background. To name a couple:

Project Managers, who delegate the tasks and focus on tending to the developers needs. Project managers keep the development process organized and on track.
UI/UX Specialists, who are responsible for ensuring the app interface is as intuitive as possible and providing the best user experience.

There are plenty of other jobs too, from technical writing to marketing to graphic design, that all have a huge impact on the development and success of an application.