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Hybrid App Development Company That You Can Trust

Our hybrid app development company uses methodologies that simplify the development of applications to run flawlessly across multiple mobile platforms (iOS, Android) and cater to a larger potential customer base for you. These apps can work offline, can be integrated with device hardware and offers fast deployment to infiltrate market in limited time.


We’ve designed & created high-quality apps for startups from a variety of industries.

  • bankingBanking & Finance

  • bankingHealthcare & Medicine

  • bankingSocial Networking
  • bankingE-Commerce
  • bankingTravel & Location-based
  • bankingEducation

We work for startups, growing companies, and enterprises.

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Development Process

We understand how to program a balanced and amazing user interface that will not burden the device battery and performance excessively. Our hybrid app development company ensures that the serve and database are engineered in a way to offer optimized speed and responsiveness.

android application development uiux


Being a superior hybrid app development company, DevBatch has the experience and dedication to create the cross platform mobile apps that offer native like efficiency. We know how to balance smooth functionality across multiple platforms (iOS, Windows, Android) that come with their own set of users’ preferences, guidelines and device landscape.


Our development architecture of the cross-platform mobile apps we create, constitutes the sophisticated UI layers, business logical layers and native containers layer to offer the smoothest hybrid app experience. DevBatch is a premium hybrid app development company that offer the flawless amalgamation of native & hybrid technologies in apps that incur lowest possible overheads in terms of CPU usage on the server when scaling.

ios api layer

API Layer

Our hybrid app developers at DevBatch, offer cross platform mobile app development services by engineering an API based on REST to communicate with backend and bring up data in JSON objects format for your app. This API enables code reusability for the various platforms you are planning to launch your app on. This strategy can also be more receptive to the external APIs for your future needs.

ios app development backend

Back End

Like any worthy hybrid app development company, we have perfected Node.js (MEAN tech stack) to create interactive apps for multiplatform devices. With Node.js, our mobile app programmers can create an event-driven app architecture that enhances user experience and reduces application loading time. Depending on the project, we opt to use the best of the technology tools for your project to be executed flawlessly and bring the ROI you deserve.

ios app development external api

External APIs

Now that there are dozens of platforms offering open source and licensed APIs, there are thousands of possible feature integrations we can use to offer you first-rate hybrid application development services. You can add or remove features to better accommodate to your target users’ preferences.

ios app development deployment and hosting


We are experts in deploying and managing production environments, our NOC team is always hands-on to keep your servers ready for replicating, scaling and balancing to deliver fine-tuned performance 24/7. Our dedicated hybrid application developers are always available to provide any new backend component, should the need arise.

android app development unit testing

Unit Testing

In our hybrid app development company we take our testing seriously. We use agile mobile app development methodology and with continuous sprint testing, our final product is one that’s worthy of getting featured in any mobile app store of your choosing. We test the newly created app for all devices and screen adjustments to fix any bugs we may encounter.


As we have the team of exceptionally talented cross platform/ hybrid app developers who are skilled in this multi-verse domain. With each new model of iOS, android, Windows devices hitting the stores, DevBatch knows how to innovate, adapt and over-reach expectations with all latest Hybrid App Development technology.


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