Social Mobile App – A New Mobile Strategy to Grow Your Business

With the emergence of social networking methods from an individual to a corporate level, Mobile Engagement is gaining more and more popularity. Ease of access from anywhere to anyone or anything online is what everyone prefers nowadays. This is where Mobile Apps are playing their significant role in not only bringing people closer but also growing businesses. Social Mobile Apps are one of them. This blog post is going to highlight how a social app is transforming ways for businesses to work and contributing to their growth.

As per the stats given in Google’s Blog post below , the increased use of Smartphones in the emerging markets has led to the highest levels of mobile engagement. Consumers are multi-tasking their media consumption and Smartphones have made them smarter shoppers and influence purchase decisions:
Consumers in emerging markets have some of the highest levels of mobile engagement.
Consumers are multi-tasking their media consumption.
There’s a clear global pattern of increasingly fragmented media attention as consumers shift between screens.
United States: Multi-tasking Mobile with other Media

Smartphones have made us smarter shoppers and influence purchase decisions.

Smartphones have become an important shopping tool that impacts if and where we make a purchase.

Percentage of smartphone usage is getting higher and so is the online purchasing. People using smartphones are more inclined towards buying online than going somewhere physically and make the purchase. Keeping this in view, businesses are focusing their time and energies more on mobile applications and mobile websites rather than a simple e-commerce website.
Having a business or mobile app developed with the required features only does not guarantee growth because what makes a difference is your keen sense of direction and a solid mobile strategy. How should you monetize your mobile business app to your business benefits? In the modern era, this can be best done through PR or relationship building with the help of social media.

Integrating a social networking portal with a business app is more than hooking up with people across the globe. In fact, it’s a means of reshaping business processes and thus, the business applications themselves. Currently, the impact of social features is relatively smaller on corporate business applications but as soon as they become DNA of the corporate body, they can show everlasting results to this ever-shifting mobile world and so the corporates themselves. This way, a business application will serve as more of a social mobile app than a simple app meant to serve a single purpose of business growth.

Teamwork i.e. working collaboratively and cooperatively for the same goal is what has become a demand in order to succeed as an organization. To meet this demand effectively, a social mobile app can play a key role in keeping your team members intact and help you grow as an organization.

Socialization is one thing but getting business and social benefits out of it is something that every business looks for. If you have a right algorithm in place that could give you everything from business insights & benefits to social mobility, then I don’t think you will need to put extra money and efforts to get everything separately first and then combining it to make one scattered piece of application. This is where we can help you grow your business by devising a right mobile strategy in the form of a social mobile app that could turn your “business??? into a “successful business?.
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