Regardless of the industrial background of your brand, you simply must admit one thing:

The holiday season is too important a time to ignore your customers.
This season could change the revenue income for the whole year. So, it is better you should prepare your digital marketing strategy beforehand because your competitors are all going to be all in. Your brand needs to launch a campaign so amazingly creative that your gets the attention of your customers wherever they are. If your target market varies in demographics, you need to make them all feel included.
For the year 2017, the holiday season is well underway and most digital campaigns are gaining the attention of the customers by making them laugh or cry and touching their sentiments. Year around you may get away with snarky or closed off digital strategy but during holidays, everyone needs to feel included and be merry so the businesses need to up their game. The elements that are going to be in major play for your digital marketing strategy are:

  • Creativity that could win over the market share
  • Proper Channel Distribution

The perfect blend of both a & b will create consumer demand & seamless user experiences. In lieu of the holiday season this year, DevBatch has gotten theirdigital marketing expertsto spill their best suggestions for your brand’s total success in Q4.

Waqas Khan Pitafi

CEO, DevBatch

You will see many brands fixated on what competitor is doing when the holiday season rolls around. In my opinion, that strategy only works as well as your competitor already does so copying that will be less than useful. I find that focusing on customers is way more rewarding. You just figure out what your target market wants, align it with your brand’s best features and present it in a way that would cheer them up. Use the simple, direct approach and touch peoples’ lives enough for them to trust you throughout the year.

Patricia K. Wright

Marketing Assistant, DevBatch

“Email Marketing yields output if done right & is marked SPAM when done wrong.
Email marketing is still a marketing tool that can get you your customers’ attention. But you need to make sure that your holiday email that contains offers are created in a template that feels natural and heartfelt. Simple sales messages are easier to delete. So your emails need to stand out for a different sort of appeal.
Also, Retargeting to these four types of the audience is a good idea; newsletter subscribers, web visitors, similar audience and customers over the past 180 days. They are known to be the most rewarding of potential customers.

Raza Jafferi

SVP Sales, DevBatch

“Your sales depend on your customer’s attention, make it hard for them to look away.
When you aredesigning your holiday strategy, keep in mind that you are not the only one with an offer. Same products are being offered to customers in dozens of ways and more. So you need to create a strategy that takes the crown. It needs to be fun & engaging with a deeper value to make customers want to spend money.

Derek Bell

Digital Marketing Strategist & Researcher, DevBatch

“Convert the holiday traffic into loyal customers. Plan for longevity!
Holiday revenue is amazing, but you are still open for business after it’s been concluded. Your brand needs these customers to come back after the holidays, so your strategy should also encompass the future concerns. Your brand can launch loyalty programs or use personalized gestures to give customers an incentive to come back and bring friends. But when you do that, take a recheck on your inventory and smoothness of sales experience.

Carl Ethan

Social Media Manager, DevBatch

“SMM is great but SEO is better!
You can market your brand on social media however you like, but after a time your customers learn to tune them out. You don’t want that to happen during the holiday season, which is why the strategy for Q4, in my opinion, is getting ranked in Google trends and appear on top in search rankings. Because people will be searching on google wherever they are. People start searching Google for holiday gift ideas as soon as August, so be there with your product or service and WOW the customer.