Creating your first ever app is a beautiful journey to embark on. Feeling a little hesitant can be a natural process for anyone, however, let me tell you that you’re not alone on this journey. There are thousands of people with the same mindset as yours that are looking to create their first app. It’s essential that you educate yourself before taking any step to get successful outcomes. If you’re not in a situation to develop the app yourself, you will need to approach a mobile app developer located in USA to do the job for you.

This can take hours of search if you are not a tech savvy person as you will have to make sure that your developer is the right guy. But how do you know that? That’s the most exciting part! For this purpose, there are a number of questions that you can ask before hiring a mobile app developer to judge their experience. In this post, I am going to share some questions with you that you can ask your developer to prevent yourself from falling into any blunders. Let’s start!

1) Do they know about mobile app development technology?

Most of the IT professionals can identify that development talent is skillful with Web and Java development. But, you should look for those developers that are capable of creating apps with new platforms, such as iPhone 6 that has the latest iOS technology.

While talking to a candidate, ask them about their familiarity with the latest operating system. Ask them what they know about of iOS 8.3, which is Apple’s latest operating system update for iPhones, recently launched in January 2015. Make sure the developer you’re going to hire has the proper knowledge of the changes taking place in mobile apps development.

2) Ask them to show some examples of their previous work?

Every professional developer has a portfolio to show that you can see for checking on their last projects. Have a good look at them, download and even install some of them if you have to. You should look for following characteristics in a developer’s portfolio:

  • The Functionality of App

  • Its User Interface

  • The Features of that App

  • And Support

I suggest you also read some past reviews of Apps that developer has made and look on to the client’s testimonials if possible. By doing this, you’ll have a good idea about the developer’s skill and experience needed for creating your app.

3) See a list of their recent clients?

Sometimes there is no way to tell who originally developed the app so; it’s good to ask for a list. This way you can ask the clients directly to testify that this developer has actually created the apps that are listed on the portfolio. You can ask them whether this developer delivered the apps on deadlines and under the decided budgets, or how he/she performed under pressure.

4) Which platforms have they already developed for?

This is rather a general but an important question that you should ask your developer. It’s best that you pick the one that has an experience with both iOS and Android. This will save you both time and money for if you decide to create your app for both operating systems now or in the coming time. But, if you want to create an app for all platforms, you might want to go with a team rather than a single developer.

5) Which smartphone are they using?

This question will help you in knowing whether the developer is knowledgeable and passionate about different platforms. If developers tell you he/she can create an iOS App, then they should have an iPhone with similar apps already installed in it. This way you will be assured whether this developer truly understands your goals.

6)How will the developer help you in making money with your App?

Like most people, if you’re purpose for building the app is to earn money; your developer must know how to build such features that will help you in generating some revenue. Ask a developer about things such as how to integrate different paid services to my App. This way you’ll know that this candidate understands what you’re up to.

7) How will you communicate during the job?

Communication is a key process when you are working with offshore developers. In most cases, the lack of quality in communication can lead to negative conditions. This is why it’s important that you choose a communication medium with developers.

But, keep in mind that while agreeing with the developer, it’s important that you always stick to the schedule that is decided by both. Developers schedule is quite busy and if you decide to call whenever you want in the day, you will be irritating them. So, I would suggest you make a weekly schedule and ask questions if you have for your developer.

8) What about testing your App?

Most appropriate way to test an app is by simply running it on the smartphones. The candidate should provide a complete plan for conducting a beta test to look for any glitch. Ask the candidate if any bug is found, how he/she is going to fix that problem.

9) Ask them about submitting your App to the App stores?

Once the testing is completed, the last step is to submit the app to the app store and get approval for selling the app there. You should ask the developer what he/she knows about the process and how to successfully complete this process.

10) What fee will they charge and what about the payment terms?

Usually, the rates vary with developers, if you’re hiring an individual, rates would be different. And if you’re going to work with a virtual team, or a dedicated developer, rates would be different. Some developers will ask for an upfront fee, while others will go by the hour. I would suggest that you start by the hour rate as this will also give you to judge how good the developer is working. If you are not happy, you can look for another candidate without wasting much money.

In the end

We wish you best of luck in your quest of finding amobile app developer. However, if you’re looking for mobile developers’ in USA, maybe we can be of some help to you. DevBatch offers full-time equivalent virtual developers that will be devoted only to your projects and will work according to your needs and requirements. Above all, the rates are very affordable!