The holiday season is but a month away and people are beginning to think about their Christmas shopping lists. Which is the business world presents the best opportunity to generate highest revenue rate of the year past. In the world of mobile app development technology, the purchase rate of apps is high on shopping list priorities when the holiday season comes around. People are eager to get their hands on paid apps or features which are available for discounts during holidays.Game apps, weather apps, selfie apps, holiday decoration apps, music and movie apps are all trending top on all stores during last week of December.

In last few years, app shopping trend during Christmas has gotten popularity. Because many people present their friends and families with latest gadgets as presents, so you can expect people to be downloading apps on their brand new devices during the Christmas season.

Is your app ready for upcoming Christmas shoppers’ onslaught? You can begin now by following these few tips:

Dress Up Your App for Christmas

Just like a physical store, people like to see festive surroundings in online stores. So add a bit of decoration on your app icons and update your app’s screenshots to be more Christmas-y. These two elements work the same way as a product on display in physical store windows.

Don’t get discouraged when you see everyone doing it because during holidays its pays off, as people are feeling happy and sentimental and they will appreciate humane gestures wherever they find them. If your apps are more serious in nature you can still sprinkle some snow or holly on your web pages.

Update Keywords & App Descriptions

You will have to add a few holiday-related keywords to the apps to drive traffic, especially when your app is an online store outlet. You can add a holiday blurb in descriptions that put your app in a neighborhood with the Christmas.

Acquire Positive Ratings & Orchestrate Contests

Your app can hold special contests (24-hour special offers) and offer gifts to add to Christmas cheer and engage users during the holiday season. These contests will gain you positive reviews but beware; never ask for a rating immediately after app installation. Let the users enjoy it for a week and then ask them to rate the app.

Keep an Eye Out For Competition

Your competitors too will have something planned for holidays. Be ahead of them and prepare a solid counter strategy. Do not keep repeating the same thing every year, do some research and incorporate latest trends into your apps and update keywords accordingly.

Add Temporary Festive App Themes

Mini app trailers, a new effective feature in stores; can allow customers to get a peek at the app and its interface without having to download it. A bit of festive trailer edition might be just the thing to prompt customers to download your app. Temporary covers or themes help with the Christmas visualization.

Invest In-App Localization

Enabling customers to choose regional languages preferences for apps are common enough. But you should think about localizing your app for regional locals’ cultures & traditions and tailor your app features and its content accordingly.

Launch some New Christmas & then New Year Features

If you have some updates to enhance your app experience, holiday season might be a good time for their launch. These apps must be optimized for cross platforms and suit the design of all the iOS or Android device it’s downloaded upon.

Be There On Social Media & Spread Word

Happy families sipping eggnog and smiling at each other over Christmas dinners make for perfect holiday movies. Real families, however, can be found using social media to greet each other and celebrate. And when they are online, you can lure them to your apps and stay active for prompt response to queries, making holidays effortless to enjoy.

Give Something For Free:

Share in the celebration mood delight your customers. Drop off the cost of few features or enable customers todownload app free of cost, just for Christmas!

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