When demands grow, businesses accelerate. What makes a difference is how early you are able to translate the demands into the supply. Technology is playing a significant role in transforming businesses to help them drive revenue, customer engagement and so the productivity. IT departments have the ability to turn their focus to applications that change the game and economics of IT, resulting in true business transformation.Social and Mobile Enterprise Appsare few of them.

A few months back, we happened to develop a Mobile Enterprise App for a bank in Abu Dhabi with some social features added to it. This app was meant to facilitate smartphone users in making bank transfers and managing user accounts mainly. This resulted in increased use of services being provided by the bank that eventually drove it to increased revenue, higher productivity and advanced level of customer engagement.

Major innovations contribute to delivering enterprises a new level of touch, speed and trust.If you have a required platform available, you can ignite the new era of social and mobile enterprise apps which can give your business long term benefits.