Enterprise mobility as a trend started back in 2010, and now in 2015, it has grown enormously to something that everyone can easily implement. Enterprise mobility refers to the process in which employees of any organization work outside from the office and use cloud services on their mobile devices for business work.

An advantage that employees are getting from these mobile enterprise solutions is working freely from anywhere without difficulties in accessing the resources or providing a full set of services to clients.

With enterprise mobile application developments, employees can provide better customer service, create new business opportunities, reduce operational cost, and offer best client satisfaction. These aspects have made mobility nothing but the best solution ever made for IT industry. The projected market for enterprise mobility was expected to exceed by $160 billion from 2010 to the year 2015.

Some professionals have also predicted enterprise mobility as an opposing challenge to vendors and service providers. As the adoption of mobility is becoming more and more by enterprises, their requirements for protecting the data and supporting the users will also become more and more complex by the time.

According to a recent survey by Alinean, it has been seen that there are many positive aspects of mobility including the growing efficiency for laptop users that has seen a 13% growth than the hourly work output over their desktops. The survey shows more than 50% of employees are using laptops at home, and 60% of those laptop users mentioned flexibility in work locations.

With this much increase, we can safely say that enterprise mobility is indeed on a path to create the biggest trend that this era has seen. There are certain things about this trend that are going to influence everyone. Such things include:

1)BYOD Security Today, bring your own device has become a huge phrase, which refers to employees who bring their own devices such as smartphones, laptops, and PDAs at work in order to use and connect with the secure corporate network.

2)App Development With the increase in competition, companies are giving great attention to the mobility factor by developing individual apps for a smoother work.

3)Identity and Access Management This trend is becoming popular because its purpose which provides the complete authority to applicable users. This mainly focuses on things such as; one-time sign-in, and adaptive contact and privacy.

4)Risk and Security Factor This has become a top concern for everyone who is going to access the confidential data. Systems in use need to have the right security controls that can handle any malware, encryptions, and authentications.

5)Infrastructure It is of vital importance that we have a continuous LAN and WLAN for our work. It is extremely important that we make a smooth layout while checking for all the opportunities that can help in giving a continuous infrastructure.

There are plenty of advantages that come with using enterprise mobility solutions. Some of the advantages include:

  • Increase in productivity as, we have all the flexibility of using it even if we are not in our office, or we are on the move.
  • A drastic improvement in the service quality as, employees will be able to make a response to all of the requests immediately.
  • This solution will provide a unique customer service experience by helping companies to deliver their services on time.
  • This solution gives employees the advantage of utilizing their enterprise resources to the maximum level.
  • A big advantage is in the form of decision making as; employees will be able to make decisions through the best sources available.

Now, the other side of this enterprise mobile solution handles the challenges that are being faced by it, and this can be separated into:

  • Security and Conformity
  • Risk Factor
  • Choosing the right device

Security and Conformity

A big concern this industry is facing covers factors such as security and conformity. The survey showed that more than 85% of IT professionals have a strong fear while they are sharing anything through their mobile devices. According to the policy agreement of BYOD, this risk aspect has increased due to which it may sometimes affect the policies of any organization. In order to handle such situations, there is a need of full management that will make it sure that none of the data gets leaked ever.

Risk Factor

As being aware of the risk factor, and working out to make it as minimum as possible, and increasing the level of security can affect the entire cost of this system. In order to keep the system clean and risk-free, it is vital that we have installed all the essential apps that are necessary for increasing the cost.

Using the Correct Mobility Device

This is a vital part with lots of importance. Before usingenterprise mobility solution, we need to have a clear understanding of our consumer mobile apps. Afterward, we need to use the correct device that can be useful for us while sharing our data.

Currently, all these steps are implemented by large organizations and mid-level companies. However, due to its usability and advantages, it is destined to become a complete package for every organization out there.

There has no particular work done on the formal mobility policy for the last few years. Only a handful of companies have created such policies, and there is no doubt that security has become a top priority for organizations. This includes the ability to centrally monitor and control the system. If a company needs to stay on the top of all the mobile platforms, then enterprise mobility is indeed the best solution in this era.