User friendliness is of utmost importance when it comes to designing mobile applications. Mobile app companies make very sure of how they create their User Interface (or UI) and User Experience (or UX).

Traditionally the two terms are used reciprocally; however, both have distinctive concepts. Where UI is the core interface, with the buttons, menus and dropdowns (the separate components) that interface between users and applications, UX is more subdued and has more to do with the intuitive designing with regards to what the user comes across. It is the difference between being catchy enough for the user to stay on your site/app and being so mundane that the user decides to ignore your page/app.

Mobile application companies hire separate professionals to do the jobs of UI and UX, although they have to work in conjunction with each other on the app development process. Some app developers may be proficient in both types of designing, saving expenses for those who need to hire such professionals.

App Designs Exhibit your information professionally how much is too much?

If you have gone the mobile application route for your business then you should be geared towards a lot of traffic coming in towards your apps. However, for that dream to actualize into reality, it is very important for you to come up with extremelyuser friendly mobile app designs, which do not muddle your user and potential client into running round and round in circles and not getting what they need at the end of the hectic “run???.

For that, you should know what you need to present to your users, but more importantly, what NOT to present to your users. There is a subtle difference between given enough information and too much information regarding your product and services. You should know how to limit your data. It should be crisp and informative, something that doesn’t bore your customer into scrolling ahead and not bothering with what is written. Giving pertinent information is key to getting your products and services out there to a wider audience it is why you have a mobile app in the first place! However, dolling out too much can in fact ruin your chances of having a better informed customer base.

So how much is it going to be?

When in doubt, simplify!

The most remarkable UIs aren’t even intricately designed apps. They are simple, light and “clutter free???. When choosing user friendliness over complicated design patterns, functionality should be of primary importance; which can be wrapped in a simple package too.

Be playful with lots of colours

Yep! You read it right. Bright colours are an ultra-sassy way of alerting your users of what you have on offer. Multi-coloured features can provide for an enlivening experience. Each special feature can be denoted with its own distinct colour to notify your users with something extraordinary or something that you think should be made more prominent.

All these indicators only point towards one thing less is more than enough. UI and UX should be driving tools for attracting a larger audience, where your app can prove to be one of the most user friendly that is out there. This can boost your name in the market and successfully increase your sales. Hire prominentmobile app development companyor employ professional mobile app developers who know the difference between these two features well, and know how to work them out to create a user experience unlike any other.

DevBatch Project Delivery Process

Technical Designing

Once wireframes approved by the clients, we start styling the app or website. It helps us in creating the various components that will end up each screen of app, and also we determine key aesthetics like typography and colouring. UI and UX designs of the app or website are done by the end of this step. It usually involves preparing various mockups and sketches for client’s review and approval.

Graphics Designing

Technical design leads us to the graphical designs where we develop all the required graphics right from the scratch and ensure that the graphics of client’s app or website stands out and are creative enough to catch the attention of their user.

Simplicity of App Design

UI/UX design of your app must be simple. Almost all users don’t like unnecessary elements in your app. They only like the element they need. In first visit user decide whether they are interested in your app or not, so be clear with what you want your user to do. In small screen world of a mobile there is no room for superfluous elements. UI/UX design must be simple in your app.

Beware of App Goals

When mobile app developers are designing, they have to keep the purpose of app in their mind. If they don’t know about the purpose then they can miss the main perspective that how app users want their app to be look like. They may need to consult their clients, users, and bosses. Also they have to look at their competitors it will surely help them to set their goals.

Content of your App

Content given in you app should be short, meaningful and clear. Content is a main interaction between your app and the user. No body want a huge block of text in you app to understand how your app is working. Just make your content simple, authenticate and easy to read, so that every user can reach your app without any hesitation. Don’t write the content about that feature of your app which is not working fine.