The second edition of MiSK Global Forum began in KSA on November 15-16, organized by Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Philanthropic Foundation (MiSK) at Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh. MiSK Global Forum was established in 2016 and last year 2000 companies participated in 150 workshops and 120 conferences. The reason behind this gathering of young entrepreneurs, innovators and technology’s top thinkers under the banner of Meeting the Challenge of Change is bringing tech-enthusiasts together and share how they envision the future of technology. In this invite-only event, DevBatch’s CEO Mr. Waqas Khan Pitafi was also present among 4000 other young entrepreneurs worldwide.

The “Change” under discussion in the two-day summit was in the capacity of:

  • Living (How to achieve a better lifestyle in this world of advanced technology)
  • Working (How technology will impact the professional working structures)
  • Learning (How best to assimilate the right lifelong learning practices in order to achieve continued success?)
  • Contributing (How to engage communities to spread wider circle of development)

The Keynote speakers at the forum were some of the biggest names in the world of technology. Including:

  • Her Majesty QueenRania Al Abdullah of the HashemiteKingdom of Jordan
  • Bill Gates,Co-chair of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (USA)
  • Allen Blue;Vice President ofAllen Blue;Product Management & Co-founder, LinkedIn (USA)
  • Caroline Faraj;Vice-President & Head of Arabic Services, CNN, UAE
  • Diane Greene;CEO of Google Cloud (USA)
  • Roland Busch;Chief Technology Officer of Siemens AG (Germany)
  • Alex Amouyel;Executive Director at MIT Solve (USA)
  • Lutz Finger;Data Scientist in Residence, Cornell University
  • Ziad Chehad; Marketing Manager MENA, Google
  • Selim Edd; Head of Public Policy MENA, Google

CEO of DevBatch, Mr. Pitafi attended several of these workshops during his visit to MGF about the impact of technology on the lives and how to shape a better future for it. For DevBatch, which is an app andweb development company; representation on such platform of potential means that the firm is going in the right direction and should continue on the path.

As we all know that technology is here to stay, so we better learn to develop it for the betterment of the human life as we are setting steps in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). DevBatch as adigital transformation agencyis contributing to the world of IT and platforms like MiSK Global Forum help entrepreneurs and newcomers in the industry to regroup and refocus on matters that can really make a difference.