If someone asked you which mobile application held the most importance for you, or which app you used the most, there’s a large probability that unlike a short while back when Facebook and Twitter were the reigning platforms, your answer would comprise of names of chat applications. People prefer privacy in a lot more areas of communication and would rather share ideas directly to those they know would like to know about that specific topic.

Social applications are losing their rankings and chat applications are rising as the most used and loved ones. People don’t want to post about their thoughts on social apps anymore as much as the trend stood erect a short while back.

Top App & Device Usage Reins Switch Hands

As of 2014, it has been noticed by a number of websites that, it is not only the social apps that have lost their rankings. There has to be a reason why the ratings of all these new and current chat apps are growing to take over the ranks of social apps. People use their mobiles and smartphones rather than personal computers (PCs) more now.

This is caused by the growth of chat apps and is also the cause for their growth, becoming an indirectly proportional effect to the way both are used. According to an article, the global number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users in 2014. While there are around 1,700 million desktop users in 2015 until now, the number of mobile users have risen to around 1,900 million.

Messengers, Mobile Shopping, and Commerce

With the latest and upcoming features of certain social apps, sooner than later, these social networking platforms will make their marketing solutions publicly available. This includes the integration of e-commerce in Facebook and Twitter with their “buy??? buttons, enabling users to make purchases without leaving the website/web page.

Another development is that Facebook announced a launch of Facebook Messenger platform with tools like Messenger for Business. It seems like Facebook has seen the way people prefer posting their status updates to private and group messaging rather than posting it publicly. For this reason, they decided that mobile users must install the Messenger app in order to use Facebook Messaging, along with the ability to make calls to other Facebook Messenger users.

Messaging Apps Take the Throne among Society

There was a time a short while back when it was the norm to update your status every so often, ranging from a couple times a month to a couple times a day. Soon after that, the usage of emoticons took the reins instead of words, and then the very much popular Vines.

Somewhere in that time, messaging apps started climbing the ranks alongside the usage of mobile and smartphones. Then in 2014, the ranks of these two exceeded those of social apps and desktop computers.

Currently, the usage of social networks by teenager and adult users has drastically fallen. Platforms likeLineandWhatsAppare more widely used, with their ability of character-limited status updates and profile image changing.

Keep Me Anonymous

While messaging apps ascend through the ranks, another new type of applications show up on the app stores under the category of messaging. These enable users to create profiles that help them remain entirely anonymous by not asking for more than your cell phone numbers to create a profile. What’s more is that you are rewarded with your posts in one way or another.

Following are some apps with such features:

  1. Snapchat A messaging app where users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients or keep their profile public. Your profile can remain entirely anonymous and your username is your identity.
  1. Yik Yak Share your thoughts and keep your privacy on Yik Yak. Download the app and check out what everyone’s saying about you. No sign-up required.
  2. Ello Your social network is owned by advertisers. Every post you share, every friend you make and every link you follow is tracked, recorded and converted into data.
  3. TSU A free social platform that rewards all users for being social. Share photos, gifs, or any type of content with friends and followers right from the app.
  4. Whisper Whisper is the best place to express you online. Connect with like minded individuals and discover the unseen world around you. It’s the anonymous profile Facebook.
  5. Wizters Join Wizters, the Anonymous Social Network. Share, talk, confess and play with your friends and strangers, anonymously.
  6. theInsider Anonymous messaging app for work. Share your likes and dislikes anonymously with your co-workers.

Companies all over the world may launch messaging apps but, they need to overcome their biggest struggle of getting sufficient audience and user base to survive and prevent them from feeling like a ghost app compared to Facebook’s billion+ user base.

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