Internet has reached more than a billion websites today, and it still continues to be the main source of getting the content of our requirement. That being said, websites now have become more dynamic and less static, making it easy for PHP to develop websites that replicate the existing state of user engagement. According to reports, more than 80% of websites are using PHP as their server side script language, which makes it around 800 million websites. But, how is that PHP is so popular for using as server side script language rather than ASP.NET or Ruby?

Let’s talk about why PHP is among the favorites for many professional developers and newbies that look to create a website.

PHP is an open source Which means that people actually care about this language and they want to see certain improvements in it. Being an open source also means that this language will further grow with technological advancements, instead of being limited to other languages. PHP is simply the widest used one out there; even Facebook uses it. There must be something very good about this language that a Harvard genius decided to go with it.

Ease of Use in PHP Considering the time and effort required for a project, PHP requires a basic understanding to be learned, used, and set up. This ease of use has made it highly favorable among manyweb developmentagencies. For a beginner, there are many free PHP training courses as well that can surely help with improving your ability to learn about this language.

Cost-effective solution Another good thing about PHP is that it is capable of operating on both Linux and windows servers. When we talk about cost-effective solutions, many people prefer using the Linux servers as they have zero licensing fees required for associating with the servers. Thus, many agencies prefer using it for their development.

Resources for getting support PHP developers have a wide range of sources available for getting the support required, including eCommerce solutions like Magento, Zen Cart, Drupal, Joomla, and many other dedicated forums.

Frameworks These can be used for speeding up the development process of large applications. There are plenty of frameworks available for PHP developers that can help websites with achieving a high level of performance and quality.

PHP frameworks are an advance, and easy to use. Few of the best and most popular are:


Symfony Framework

Zend Framework

Where does PHP run?

PHP was initially designed to be an HTML-embedded language. It’s an open source language as similar to JAVA/JSP however; it’s under the general public license. JAVA/JSP, on the other hand, are controlled by Sun. PHP interpreter can be downloaded for Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac as, all of these are easy to install and can run smoothly as a plug-in on the top of different web servers such as Apache, iPlante, IIS etc. PHP has a very consistent support for different databases such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and dBase Files.

How much does the PHP costs?

PHP developer costs vary with location, quality, and hourly rates. You can either hire freelance PHP programmers, web designer, and developer, or you can hire a team of PHP experts working at software development companies. When we talk about the costs for PHP development, it can be divided into three levels according to your budget.

1)For Small Budget

For a small budget around 5,000$, you can expect a website that has common functions like content or image slider, a photo gallery, a blog, and a branded design. In short, this will not buy you a properly customized design but, you can expect basic optimizations.

2)For Mid-Range Budget

For a budget around 7,000$, you can expect a fully customized design. This means you can have your branding, style, and layout. You can also add e-commerce functions but, you have to use your own branding materials for this.

3)For Large Budget

For a large budget of around 80,000$, you can get everything that you want to have without even doing anything. Your website will have all aspects of programming, content creation, full-on optimization, and an inventory management system. You can also add integration with third party API’s and other functions. Such an option is ideal for big eCommerce sites with large inventories.

PHP for handling heavy traffic load

PHP can be used for almost everything that you can do with all other web scripting languages. The current version of PHP is very robust which gives you the choice to use whichever language you think will do best. The latest version of PHP has advanced features for making the language even more robust to be helpful for using in web programming.

Sites such as and have to deal with heavy traffic on daily basis, so PHP gives the ability to handle such large loads with ease. In past, PHP ran best in UNIX environment, however, the 4.1 version has introduced many features that give more robust support to run ISAPI plug-in. Reports suggest that it runs 30 times faster than its previous version.
In the end, we can only conclude that while searching for a flexible option to use for coding a website from the very scratch, you will surely find PHP among the top ranks.