The CEO of DevBatch Mr. Waqas Khan Pitafi was recently invited to speak to graduate students at Xiamen University China.
Mr. Pitafi was visiting China to attend the HKTDC International ICT Expo in Hong Kong when the esteemed Prof. Zhongpan Qiu invited him to visit the campus and speak with the students of IT department. Xiamen University (natively known as Xia Da) is located in Xiamen, Fujian province.Xiamen University is ranked 11thin top 20 universities in China.
The topics Mr. Pitafi addressed in his lecture included; technological future in relation with the Internet of Things, the benefits of Pak-China collaboration in the field of information technology, and how students of today will be playing a vital role in how this future turns out to be.

Post his talk and the tour of the campus, Mr. Pitafi said that he felt honored by the opportunity that Prof. Zhongpan Qiu and his brilliant class offered.

“I always marvel at the potential of learning in the students of these days. They are young, sharp and they dream big, this energy in itself is a miracle in happening. I had a great time talking to the class of Professor Qiu and hope that it proved to be an insightful experience for them as it was for myself.
He continued to comment that:

“China is leading the world’s technological landscape and it’s no wonder, given the perseverance and discipline of its people. Presently, Pak-China relations are moving in an even more optimistic direction and technology sector of both countries is likely to benefit greatly from it.
Prof. Zhongpan Qiu expressed his appreciation for the visit and said:
“Mr. Pitafi’s lecture was full of energy and wit, both of which are essential elements in the field of information technology. My students and I, greatly enjoyed his insightful speech and are grateful to him for making the time to visit us.’

The lecture and the campus tour concluded with renewed hopes for continued Pak-China friendship and future collaboration on projects that will devise the future layout of the digital world.